Tokyo Trends: 5 Summer Skirts To Add To Your Wardrobe

Tokyo Trends: 5 Summer Skirts To Add To Your Wardrobe

It’s always maxi skirt season for fashion in Tokyo


Fashion in Tokyo proves no less effort goes into decorated skirts, even in the summer humidity. In Tokyo, it’s always skirt season no matter the weather, but the summer trends bring a different challenge of dressing chic in the sweltering heat. Here are five different skirts all fashionable Tokyoites will be wearing this season, each versatile enough to extend into autumn, when temperatures truly start dropping. 


image of sculptor peekaboo micro sheer skirt paired with jeans

SCULPTOR Peekaboo Micro Sheer Skirt ¥17,600 

Get on the minimalist grunge trend that plays with all of the silver accessories and long ribbons. The sheer wrap around is a delicate addition to acid-washed denim jeans or a skirt, prompting the layered look to dabble in a little bit of Y2K core with a sheer micro skirt from SCULPTOR. Zozotown has plenty of adorable skirts to add layers into your summer fit without worrying about the heat. 

Bubble skirts   

image of ZARA Linen Blend Balloon Skort
Credit: ZARA

ZARA JP Linen Blend Balloon Skort ¥6,290  

Bubble skirts are now a summer favorite when it comes to fashion in Tokyo. This style originally turned heads as its wearers strode down the streets encapsulating daring auras. Now, this flouncy skirt is surprisingly a versatile piece that fits with stockings and kitten heels just as much as Asics from Onitsuka Tiger and chunky socks. Zara Japan has no shortage of this alluring kind of skirt, as well as the tops and accessories to go with it. 


H&M JP Feather Soft Denim Skirt ¥4,999 

Check out Levi’s Japan for a denim maxi skirt in a classic flare form. If you’re looking for that acid-wash denim in jeans, check out the skirt version of this vintage look too. H&M has pale blue denim skirts in both maxi and mini, which pairs delicately with different shades of white, black and gray––and bold pairings such as hot orange and red. 


image of ZARA Box Pleat Skort in a cream-brown color scheme
Credit: ZARA

ZARA JP Box Pleat Skort ¥5,990 

Pleats are a must-have if you’re aiming for the preppy look all stylish Tokyoites have mastered. Accessorize with a double belt to add dimension, and don button ups with flared collars. Even an argyle or plain vest can elevate the classy look, and a leather handbag decorated with buckles and straps is the perfect addition to create a vintage finish. If you’re rushing out of the house while still putting your loafers on, even better. 

White maxi  

image of UNIQLO Crinkle Cotton Tiered Skirt in white
Credit: UNIQLO

UNIQLO Crinkle Cotton Tiered Skirt ¥1,990 

Whether you’re going for a slip-on silk skirt or linen, the white maxi makes for a great summer staple to your wardrobe. To style it up, opt for a plain ribbed t-shirt or tank top for a day out shopping in the city. For a casual stroll, flats and a t-shirt pair rather harmoniously with a flowing white skirt. 

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