Village Cellars simply can’t get enough of quality new-world wines. The family-founded business has been importing wines to Japan since 1987, but its passion for the best bottles was so strong that it simply couldn’t stop at the wholesale market. Now, it has evolved into a dynamic team that not only has launched its own web shop for the public, but has also strived to be at the forefront of technological developments in the wine industry. 

Discover the world’s quality new-world wines without leaving your home 

For wine oenophile’s in Tokyo and beyond, choose from a diverse and extensive range of Australian, New Zealand, U.S, Chilean and Argentinian wines online via their shop, WineBuzz. You’ll find everything from elegant, everyday bottles to boutique winery rarities for all occasions. You can easily order via email, phone or fax and browse the entire catalogue for your next dinner party with friends or date night at home here

Village Cellars prides itself on importing some of the world’s finest wines, including some of the most prestigious wines from Australia.

For those who don’t know their reds from their whites, never mind their Syrah’s from their Rieslings, WineBuzz’s Instagram is the spot to go for product highlights and recommendations to help you choose your perfect bottle. 

Or two, or even six! WineBuzz is currently offering around 25% discount on its 6 to 9-bottle sets — a great deal that will also grant customers exclusive access to the store’s even-better value Premium Offers. 

What’s better than an evening of fine wine with friends? If a customer introduces a friend to the WineBuzz, both will receive 10% off. (More details here).  

Village Cellars has everything from boutique rarities to everyday classics available at its online shop.

Vintage wines meets tomorrow’s technology  

When it comes to wine, we usually think that anything with the adjectives “old” or “vintage” makes a bottle meritorious. For Village Cellars, looking towards the future and innovation is also key. One such technology the company is proudly pioneering in Japan is the hand-held wine-preserver tool winesavePro.

With a moment’s spray of the hand-held canister, wine lovers can keep their opened bottles of wine fresh for weeks to finish later at their leisure. The technology was only made available in Japan in 2019, and adds a protective layer of argon gas above the wine which prevents further oxidation from the air above. Argon gas is a part of Earth’s atmosphere.

Argon Winesave Pro keeps opened bottles of wine fresh.

One of the stellar products invented by Village Cellars themselves is the patented glass rack GLAZMATAZ. A potential game-changer in the hotel, restaurant, catering and transport industries, the design absorbs the shock of glasses meaning that even thin-stemmed, thin-rimmed handblown glasses that are robustly put through an industrial washing machine won’t break. It’s also super-handy for everyday use. See inspiration as to how it can be used from Glazmataz’s Instagram page. 

Enjoy fine wines in sample sizes 

Their latest product, the mini-bottle wines, subsamples full-bottles of wines into smaller mini-bottles under argon so they can be used as samples. Using this argon technology, Cellar Wines is soon launching its 20 x 100ml Blind-Tasting Set, which is perfect for anyone doing last-minute studying for the Sommelier exam, as well as groups who want to enjoy a day tasting fine wines without having to go to the expense of buying full bottles of each. 

The 19x38mL mini-bottle old vintage wine set, made for Remote Open Cellar event Summer 2021.

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