Watch the starry sky from this luxury resort's heated pool


Nestled on a hillside in the Boso Peninsula, the BOTANICAL POOL CLUB hotel opened its doors officially in August 2023. Onsen is a popular winter activity for Japanese and international travelers alike, but BOTANICAL POOL CLUB introduces a modern haven of tropical bliss year-round thanks to its hot pool and seasonal menus. The harmonizing of nature, luxury, and relaxation takes top priority to bring each guest a rejuvenating experience. 

Embarking on a bus journey from Tokyo Station to the BOTANICAL POOL CLUB hotel is an adventure in itself. As the cityscape gradually transforms into the Japanese countryside, alight from the bus at the roadside station Highway Oasis Furari. While taxis may be scarce, a shuttle service can be arranged with prior notice to the hotel. Alternatively, a 30-minute walk to the hotel adds a touch of exploration to your arrival.

A glance through the Google reviews and you’ll spot guests commenting that the hotel feels like an overseas resort. Upon arrival, you’re welcomed by a stunning pure white lobby adorned with works by the renowned artist Alex Katz. The atrium exudes a resort-like ambiance, accompanied by a tropical fragrance that hints at the paradise awaiting beyond. Breezy palm trees provide shade under the poolside deckchairs, and approximately 300 tropical-feeling botanical species flourish in the grounds. 

The highlight, a 40℃ infinity pool, called the “BLACK POOL,” stretches an impressive 40 meters, providing a breathtaking view of the Iwai Coast and, on clear days, the majestic silhouette of Mount Fuji. At night, the pool’s black tiles melt into the night sky, and the stars shine brilliantly, as the location is free from the light pollution of cities. 

With only 21 rooms available, the hotel ensures an exclusive and intimate atmosphere. There’s no scrambling to find an available deckchair in the morning or fighting your way through breakfast crowds for your cup of coffee. You’ll feel like you have ample space and privacy, and staff are always at hand to provide assistance for whatever you might need. 

Accommodation options range from standard rooms with terraces to suites with private pools, accommodating various preferences, including dog-friendly rooms (and an adorable dog run space). The POOL TERRACE rooms offer a casual yet comfortable space, each with generous terraces overlooking the pool, Tokyo Bay and Mount Fuji. The BPC logos adorn the amenities (which are also available at the stylish gift shop) and the decor feels light, clean and airy. 

Throughout the facility, speakers play relaxing music during the day, creating a soothing ambiance for guests to unwind. At night, the atmosphere shifts. A fire pit is lit in the central pillar of the pool, a live DJ provides house music, and guests lounge by the poolside bar, which is open until midnight. The bar features a photogenic circular counter, backlit by flickering lanterns, serving an array of equally photogenic drinks, such as warm winter cocktails and more botanical-inspired creations. 

The second-floor restaurant adds a touch of sophistication to the dining experience through your choice of hot pot supervised by Hideaki Sakai of the renowned Japanese restaurant Sakai Shokai. The hot pot is a perfect warming food for winter months. A barbecue by Chef Fumio Yonezawa of NO CODE features locally-sourced meats and seasonal vegetables grilled with herbs, accompanied by a chef’s special sauce. The barbecue is also possible to enjoy on your room’s private balcony, if the weather permits. 

While the pools take center stage, the BOTANICAL POOL CLUB hotel boasts a sauna experience that is not to be missed. The largest of the two, the SWEAT LODGE, features a jungle mural on the ceiling and a futuristic entry room setting an immersive atmosphere. A refrigerator provides complimentary sparkling water or juice to hydrate, and you’ll see guests relaxing with drinks in the hot or cold bath post-sauna, or lounging on the SWEAT LODGE terrace in deckchairs, cooling off in the clean, crisp bayside air. By the poolside stands a container sauna, the SWEAT BOX. A large window opens out to a carefully landscaped wall of plants, immersing guests in the calmness of botanical beauty and nature. 

It’s clear that the BOTANICAL POOL CLUB team is working hard to build something truly remarkable for its guests. Leaving the hotel and returning to Tokyo feels surreal. What a pleasant surprise to find this modern cocoon of tropical nature such a short way from the capital.