Weber Park – BBQ With a View

Weber Park – BBQ With a View

Barbecue better than ever with Weber


Weber has opened its first ever BBQ Park in Odaiba, for a limited time. Overlooking Rainbow Bridge and the rest of the Tokyo skyline from the roof of Aqua City, at Weber Park you barbecue with a view. Keeping “Flavor, Entertainment and Education” in mind, Weber Park gives you an exciting experience with family and friends.

Weber’s first steps in the grilling industry ended up revolutionizing the whole industry itself. George Stephen Sr. was a family man and loved cooking for his kids on the weekend but with an open charcoal brazier in “Windy City” Chicago, it proved to be a challenge. So when he combined two halves of a metal buoy to create “George’s Barbecue Kettle”, the art of barbecue was forever changed and the age of the “covered” BBQ was born.

Weber’s philosophy is that “if you’re looking, you ain’t cooking.” It’s tempting to keep an eye on your food and make sure everything is doing ok, but the heart of Weber is the lid. Weber aims to show you that anyone can barbecue well with some instructions and a little trust.

The BBQ Park is all about flavor as you have the pleasure of working both a charcoal and a gas grill so you can taste the difference. The park has three different menus: the Japanese Traditional, American Classic and European Resort. With set times and temperatures for each dish, barbecuing couldn’t be easier.

If you want to hone your barbecue skills, head to the Grill Academy to be “entertained” by and learn tips from only the best BBQ chefs. Whether you’re someone who’s just starting out with their tongs or someone who wants to up their grill game, there’s always something you can learn at the Academy.

If you’ve fallen in love with the art of barbecuing and are determined to master it on your own, take a look at the shop before you go. Weber Park has a museum-like store, displaying the different grills it has to offer so you can educate yourself on which one fits your needs the best. From basic tools to grills of all shapes and sizes, Weber has you covered.

Weber also offers a service called White Gloves, which brings the whole Weber experience right to your door. Equipped with ingredients found at your nearby supermarket so you know you can recreate the meal, Weber chefs will present to you just what a Weber grill can do. Learn from the comforts of your home just how to barbecue.

But why not try it at Odaiba first? With a great BBQ grill, an amazing city view and only the finest ingredients, your experience at Weber Park is sure to be memorable.