What We’re Watching This Month

What We’re Watching This Month

The Metropolis staff shares their September streaming picks


Paul McInnes: HBO’s latest drama “Succession” is absolutely fascinating. Magisterial performances from Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and the other cast members make this vital viewing. It’s Shakespearean in scope and structure and, ostensibly, a devastating attack on wealth and media.

Succession HBO TV September Streaming

Stephan Jarvis: I’ve been working my way through Ken Burn’s excellent 10-part documentary “The Vietnam War”, which has finally made its way onto Netflix. It’s somber and harrowing in places and not without its flaws, but well worth the watch.

Claas Bischof: The Night is Short, Walk on Girl might be labelled as a rom-com, but don’t let that put you off. It’s a creatively animated tour de force through Kyoto’s nightlife that gets increasingly surreal with every drink. Watch it on Netflix, with a cocktail or five.

Masaaki Yuasa Night Short Walk Girl Set Two Night Us

Fernando Goya: Reality show “The Profit” features an investor who helps companies with struggling businesses. This show is a must-see for those who like entrepreneurial content or are starting a new business. You can learn a lot from this show.

Caroline Perrine: “Mindhunter” takes on a plot that feels episodic but carries undertones that creep into your mind in a manner that mirrors the journey of the main character, Holden Ford. David Fincher, Netflix, and a number of famous serial killers depicted very humanly — do you dare? 

Mindhunter September Streaming David Fincher Jonathan Groff