2020 – 2021 Christmas Illuminations Guide

2020 – 2021 Christmas Illuminations Guide

A complete list of must-see illuminations and markets in the capital this winter

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Winter is incomplete without experiencing the dazzling Christmas illuminations and markets in Tokyo. Perfect for a romantic date, a family trip, a girls’ get-together or just to get you in the mood for Christmas, here’s Metropolis’ guide to the must-visit illuminations across the capital and beyond in 2020.

Nov 19, 2020 – Feb 28, 2021

midtown christmas ice rink metropolis magazine japan

The much-loved golden illuminations in Roppongi’s Midtown are back this year with a life-sized snow globe, interactive stepping stone-like illuminations and a Christmas countdown with a new illuminated present under the Christmas tree each day. There will also be an ice rink to enjoy with family and friends throughout the winter season. 

Tokyo Midtown
Illuminations: 5pm 11pm
Ice Rink: 5pm – 9pm
¥2,000 (Discounts for students)
More information here

Christmas Garden
Dec 4 – Dec 25 2020

Christmas Garden Shiba Park

Inspired by foreign Christmas market culture, Shiba Park is introducing the first winter beer garden in Tokyo with this year’s “Christmas Garden.” In addition to over 100 varieties of beer from 10 countries, the garden will have various food stalls and workshops as well as classic illuminations with about 100 lit-up Christmas trees surrounding the garden.

Shiba Park, Minato
11am 10pm
More information here

HIBIYA Magic Time Illumination
Nov 17, 2020 – Feb 14, 2021

Hibiya Area Magic Time Illumination

This year “Hibiya Area Illumination” offers champagne gold, amber and gold-colored tree illuminations as you walk through the Hibiya Midtown area. 2020 also marks the first time that you can enjoy illuminations and city views together at “PARK VIEW WINTER GARDEN” on the sixth floor, produced as part of the HIBIYA & HOPE PROJECT.

Hibiya Midtown, Chiyoda
5pm 11pm
More information here

Roppongi Hills Christmas 2020
Nov 13 – Dec 25, 2020

Roppongi Hills Christmas Metropolis magazine Japan
2020 Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

700,000 LED lights will light up the 400m Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori with a “SNOW & BLUE” theme this year at Roppongi Hills Christmas 2020. Make sure to get an Instagram shot looking down the street with Tokyo Tower framed by the illuminated blue trees.

Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori, Minato
5pm 11pm
More information here

Tokyo Christmas Market
Dec 10 – Dec 25, 2020

hibiya christmas market metropolis magazine 2 2020 Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

German beers and various types of Glühwein – think mulled wine but more hearty – along with traditional German Christmas market foods, the annual German-style Tokyo Christmas Market in Hibiya is a must-visit spot. In typical Christmas market fashion, you can even take home the special mugs after enjoying your hot drink as a souvenir and browse through the various Christmas gift stalls. There’ll be live music performances on the main stage and Christmas gift-making and ornament-making workshops.

Hibiya Park, Chiyoda
11am 10pm
More information here

OMOHARA Christmas Illumination
Nov 14, 2020 – Jan 31, 2021

Omohara Christmas Illumination Tokyo Shibuya

This year’s OMOHARA Christmas illuminations will feature 16,000 LED lights in a blue and white color scheme. On the rooftop garden you can get a hot drink from the adjacent Starbucks while admiring the magical forest-like illumination display with a downtown Tokyo city skyline view. 

Tokyu Plaza, 6th floor, Shibuya
5pm 10.30pm
More information here

Tokyo Skytree Town Dream Christmas 2020
Nov 27 – Dec 25, 2020

Tokyo Skytree Dream Christmas 2020

With a “Warm Winter Park” theme, this year’s Tokyo Skytree Town Dream Christmas aims to warm up your heart and body with a Christmas-themed food court, specially-produced YouTube videos and a special Pokémon-themed illumination display on Christmas day. 

Tokyo Skytree Town, Sumida
4pm 12am
More information here

Marunouchi Illuminations 2020
Nov 5, 2020 – Feb 14, 2021

Marunouchi Illumination Tokyo
2020 Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

Marunouchi Nakadori’s 220 trees will be lit up by about 1.2 million LEDs in the Marunouchi Illumination’s classic champagne gold colors as well as a “Light Gate” in the Yurakucho area from November 12. The illuminations also feature “Eco Illuminations,” which function at 65% less power per LED light than standard LEDs. The energy for the lights is also generated entirely from natural sources, such as solar and wind power.

Marunouchi, Chiyoda
3pm 11pm
More information here

Baccarat ETERNAL LIGHTS 2020
Nov 14, 2020 – January 11, 2021

French crystal ware manufacturer Baccarat is returning to Yebisu Garden Place Center Square this winter to light up the world’s largest Baccarat chandelier for its 2020 Eternal Lights illumination event. Composed of 250 lights and 8,500 crystal pieces, all flanked by a breath-taking aluminum showcase display that can be reduced, reused, and recycled, this year the beloved chandelier will glow blue every day for 30 minutes from 5pm to honor the medical professionals who are hard at work in response to the pandemic.

Ebisu, Shibuya
11am 12am
More information here

Hotel Chinzanso’s Tokyo Sea of Clouds and 1,000 Lights
Starts Oct 1, 2020

In preparation for its upcoming 70th anniversary in 2022, Hotel Chinzanso—famous for its Japanese garden’s wild camellia trees—takes the luxury urban resort experience to the next level this year by launching a magical “Sea of Clouds,” recreating ethereal mists which are normally only seen in nature, along with the equally-dazzling “1,000 Lights” illumination show from sundown until 11pm. Special events will be held along with themed food and sweets in tandem with the experience.

Sekiguchi, Bunkyo-ku
Sundown to 11pm
More information here

Nishi-Shinjuku Christmas Illuminations
Nov 16 – Dec 25 2020

Nishi-Shinjuku Love Illumination Tokyo
2020 Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

Go on a romantic illuminations tour through Nishi-Shinjuku, visiting the LOVE statue, Shinjuku i-LAND tower, the Shinjuku Nomura building, Shinjuku Park Tower and the garden-like Shinjuku Mitsui building illuminations. In collaboration with HAL Tokyo, the neighborhood’s 2020 theme is “LOVE&Christmas,” aptly titled as the area is famous for its pop-art inspired LOVE statue. 

Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku
Lights start at 5pm
More information here

Tokyo Dome City “Smile” Illuminations
Nov 13 Dec 25, 2020

tokyo dome smile metropolis magazine japan 2020 Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

Need some cheering up this Christmas? Tokyo Dome’s beloved winter illumination comes back for the 16th time with this year’s “Smile” theme, featuring a 15-meter-tall tree decorated with 5,000 glittering smiley face ornaments. A gold path will be made by lights strung on Tokyo Dome’s trees and plants, and the blue glow of the ethereal 140m Milky Way installation will make a comeback after a two-year absence.

Tokyo Dome, Bunkyo-ku
5pm – midnight
More information here

KIBO no Hikarimachi
Nov 6, 2020 – Feb 14, 2021

Kibo no Hikarimachi illuminations metropolis magazine japan

You can, quite literally, wish upon a star at Nihonbashi’s innovative “KIBO no Hikarimachi” Illumination Project. Upon scanning a QR code and submitting a wish to the KIBO site, the main attraction, the “Meteor Cupola,” will send your wish into the sky along with a special illumination whenever it detects a meteor flying over Japan. Meanwhile, 200,000 LED lights at the nearby Edokazura-dori and Honmachi-dori will glow champagne-gold and white-blue, as a tribute for the world’s medical workers, and to show support for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Meteor Cupola:” Nov 25, 2020 – Jan 17, 2021, 5pm – 9:30pm (COREDO Muromachi Terrace)
Edozakura-dori/Honmachi-dori Illuminations: Nov 6, 2020 – Feb 14, 2021, 5pm – 12am
Nihonbashi, Tokyo
More information here

Nov 18  – Dec 25, 2020

WHITE KITTE Metropolis Magazine Japan

At the KITTE shopping mall you can take part in creating the illuminations by stepping on one of the 16 colored steps. The steps form a circle beneath a suspended Christmas tree made up of 1,000 LED lights surrounded by mizuhiki (ancient Japanese rice paper cord creations). Each step corresponds to a segment of the tree. Placed 1.5m apart, the steps adhere to the new social distancing norm, whilst allowing you to release your inner child by hopping around to light up the Christmas tree. 

KITTE atrium, Chiyoda-ku
5.10pm – 9.10pm
More information here

Further afield: 

Yomiuriland Jewellumination
Starts Oct 22, 2020

yomiuriland illuminations metropolis magazine japan
2020 Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

The largest of its kind in the Kanto region, Motoko Ishii’s Jewellumination in Yomiuriland features 6.5 million bulbs across 12 magical gemstone-themed areas. With this year’s theme of “Resonance of Gold and Birthstone,” the fantastical theme park takes cues from Greek Mythology and features breathtaking roller coasters, dazzling fountain shows, magical light sculptures and a panoramic view of Tokyo from atop the Amethyst Area’s Ferris wheel.

Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi
More information here

Huis Ten Bosch Kingdom of Light
Nov 11, 2020 – 5 May, 2021

huis ten bosch christmas illuminations metropolis magazine japan

Marvel at the romantic Christmas scenery of European-style towns at Huis Ten Bosch’s celebrated Kingdom of Light, featuring 13 million lights and nine stunning lights displays and attractions, such as a recreation of Bruges, Belgium (until Dec 25, 2020), the “Ferris Wheel of Light,” a shining cathedral, and the charming “Eternal Arch,” among others. The famed Holland-style theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki, is a must-visit this year if you’re missing a very dreamy European Christmas and can’t travel back home. Japan’s largest Christmas market is also held here every year.

Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki
All-day, from 3pm, and from 5pm passes available
More information here

Nov 11 – Dec, 26 2020

yorunoyo yokohama metropolis magazine japan

This year’s Minato Mirai 21 area Christmas Illuminations are centered around the relationship between people, objects and culture with an extensive illumination walk through Yokohama Central Square Park. It features large “cross domes” that you can walk into as well as “portals” to enter and exit the walk, amidst the backdrop of the Yokohama skyline and classic Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. You can also enjoy this year’s new “SAMPO_MAPP” where you can explore projected illumination art around the neighborhood by bike.

Yokohama Central Square Park, Yokohama
6pm – 9pm
More information here

Laguna Xmas
Nov 3, 2020 – Feb 28, 2021

laguna ten bosch christmas metropolis magazine japan
2020 Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

Take your illuminations to the next level with a Christmas getaway at Laguna Ten Bosch in Aichi, where the extensive swimming pool has been transformed with illuminations suspended above, creating a mirror-like effect. The Christmas season will also feature a European-style Christmas market, Christmas shows, a “Blue Christmas Palace” and a “Mapping Show.” Illuminated rides at the “Stellar Park” also elevate the typical amusement park experience.

Laguna Ten Bosch, Gamagori, Aichi
More information here

Yokohama Minato Mirai Illuminations
Nov 12, 2020 Feb 14, 2021

minato mirai illuminations metropolis magazine japan 2020 Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

Witness 1.5km of the chic seaside Minato-Mirai area in Yokohama lit up by 500,000 lights. Stretching all the way from the Yokohama Station east exit to Grandmall Park and then through to Sakura-dori, this urban winter illumination event is not one to miss. Neighboring sites such as The Landmark Tower, Queen’s Square Yokohama, Nippon Maru Memorial Park and the InterContinental Yokohama Grand will also be lit up.

4pm – 11pm (Sakura-dori until 10pm)
More information here

The Jewel of Shonan
Nov 21 – Mar 7

jewel of shonan metropolis magazine japan

Although Enoshima is best known for its beaches in summer, the island also offers dazzling illuminations in the winter season. The 60m Sea Candle and surrounding gardens will be lit up in a jewel-like illumination display along with the garden of 20,000 tulips, which bloom even in the winter due to the temperate climate. 

Samuel Cocking Garden and Sea
5pm – 8pm
More information here

Tokyo Mega Illumi
Oct 24, 2020 – Jan 11, 2021

tokyo mega illumi metropolis magazine japan

This vast amusement park features 16 illuminations, restaurants and cafes as well as horse racing events across its two main areas. The “Twinkle Megatree Area” features a vast “Twinkle Tunnel,” a gorgeous “Aurora Forest” illumination, and the very-Instagrammable “Wonder Media Tree.” The “Time Travel Area” showcases nostalgic yet futuristic scenes across Japan’s eras, such as an Edo-era castle town, a rice field and a fountain with rainbow lights.

Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
4.30pm – 9.30pm
More information here

Flower Fantasy – the Garden of Illuminated Flowers 2020-2021
Oct 17, 2020 – Feb 7, 2021

ashikaga park illuminations metropolis magazine japan

The Ashikaga Flower Park’s annual illuminations are a must-go for all nature lovers. The vast 100,000 square meter park will be lit up with 5 million colorful LED lights. There will be three stages to the illuminations: “Lights & Amethyst Sage” from October 17 to mid-November, “Christmas Fantasy” from late November to late December and “Light & Winter Peony” from January 1 to February 7.

Ashikaga Flower Park, Tochigi
4.30pm – 8.30pm
More information here