Bartizan Bread Factory

Bartizan Bread Factory

A healthy slice of Europe right here in Tokyo


Keep in mind that due to the ongoing situation with the coronavirus and the government’s request for residents to stay at home, temporary closures may follow. If you’re making plans to visit the bakery, please check the website in advance for any updates. 

In Japan, where European-style bread can take some scavenging to find, BARTIZAN Bread Factory provides an array of savory delights that will surely satisfy those warm, crunchy cravings.

BARTIZAN Bread Factory, sister to the BARTIZAN Bread & Pasta, is the latest addition to Tokyo’s healthy food scene. With the spotlight turned on their homemade bread packed with rich nutrients, the bakery is a match for those looking for a fueling of carbs without the guilt of undesirable artificial ingredients, trans-fats and sugar.

BARTIZAN Bread Factory boasts its use of strictly healthy ingredients without losing out on the taste factor. The grain bread (¥1,110 per loaf) is made of rye and loaded with sunflower seeds and linseeds, which are recommended for detox purposes and dieting. The signature BARTIZAN sourdough bread (¥1,200 per loaf) is made of only natural yeast, water and salt. With the subtle sour flavors and brittle crust, the bread complements a warm cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the evening to top off your day.

This artisanal bakery promises other palatable classics including ciabatta (¥150), baguettes (¥350) and seasonal goods. The menu also features hot sandwiches made with sourdough ciabatta bread (¥380)  imagine an upgraded toastie that’s healthier and with a more satisfying crunch.

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Enjoy some healthy sourdough bread and coffee at BARTIZAN Bread Factory

In the bakery’s indoor cafe space, visitors can grab a seat by the floor-to-ceiling windows and bask in the sunlight, all while enjoying the calming greenery that surrounds the exterior. Those in need of a stylish work space can enjoy some laptop time away from home as the cafe supports electronics use with overhead power sockets and Wi-Fi.

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BARTIZAN Bread Factory also hosts a charming little do-it-yourself corner that can be entertaining for both adults and children, making it an appealing place to unwind for families as well. Customers can pour their own filtered drip coffee and toast slices of sourdough bread to pair it with before sitting back and appreciating some old-school tunes including “Tiny Dancer” and “Love Don’t Come Easy.” 

An authentic and wholesome bakery, BARTIZAN Bread Factory will surely become a new favorite for those looking for a healthier alternative to their bread cravings.  

BARTIZAN Bread Factory
8am – 3pm *May close earlier if baked goods are sold out. 
Minamiaoyama, 7-11-4