Streetwear gets smart for fall at this pop-up store


As a sweltering summer comes to a close and sweating is no longer such a concern, clothes conquer comfort. And as fashionable Tokyo residents start to layer up, the first DRESSEDUNDRESSED pop-up store opens in Seibu Ikebukuro. 

Both the clothes and the store itself are characteristically sleek. The interior, by brand designer Takeshi Kitazawa himself, is modeled off of actual runways, bringing the show to the shopper. 

When Kitazawa founded DRESSEDUNDRESSED in 2009, he wanted to join supposed contradictions: masculine and feminine, black and white, subtle and bold, nudity and sartorial modesty. What started as a men’s streetwear brand is now known for its androgynous designs, deconstructed apparel, smart tailoring and unusual artistic direction. Such genderless, minimal collections have taken the fashion world by storm.

Kitazawa’s new pieces don’t fail to surprise. The Fall 2019 collection only confirms his love for contradictions: a smart black button-down interrupted by a mesh panel, cropped trench coats, solid bodysuits, shoelace-fastened jeans. He puts streetwear flourishes, like the occasional graphic and even a tattoo print, on the sleek and simple. The fluid designs of DRESSEDUNDRESSED are perfect for changing temperatures. When it’s too warm for a pantsuit and too brisk for shorts — or when you want to look smart but not stuffy — throw on some sheer or cropped pieces.

The Seibu Ikebukuro pop-up store only runs for two weeks, so stock up soon before it gets cold. To commemorate its opening, the Seibu store will sell a limited number of made-to-order accessories, including the Piercing Ring Necklace. 

September 4 — September 17
3F Main Building South Area, Seibu Ikebukuro
1-28-1 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku