Edible iPhone Case

Edible iPhone Case

Snack protection for your iPhone


Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on December 2012

SV3818—the edible iPhone 5 case made out of an organic brown-rice cracker—is the most fragile smartphone case in the world. “If it crumbles, just eat it,” suggests Raki, a radiation-free rice-and-souvenir wholesaler based in Yamaguchi prefecture. The multifunctional gadget was reinvented from Raki’s Survival Senbei (rice cracker) in literal response to his clients’ requests for a more portable emergency food. Each jacket case is handmade-to-order with the purpose of minimizing sogginess, and packaged with the utmost care. “76% of them break as soon as they are applied, 56% crack when recharging the battery, and 120% get destroyed if dropped,” admits the company president. A less-than-perfect product just right for the snack oriented—though maybe not at the price. Available for ¥3,818.

What: SV318 edible iPhone 5 case
Price: Available for ¥3,818 via the website.