Orangetheory Fitness Shimokitazawa

Orangetheory Fitness Shimokitazawa

A new Tokyo addition for the fitness institution


Orangetheory, the world-renowned fitness studio with a scientifically proven exercise program, recently announced its plans to open a new studio in the trendy neighborhood of Shimokitazawa this spring. The US-based studio is known for creating warm and welcoming family-like environments that will fit right into the Shimokita culture. With several locations already established around Tokyo, this will be their first location in Setagaya and will also be easily accessible to those in Shinjuku and Shibuya. 

A typical session at Orangetheory includes a one-hour guided training session centered around a three-part system: treadmill, rowing machine, and bodyweight training. These combine to achieve a balanced workout targeting strength, power, and endurance. Unlike high-intensity interval training programs which have also gained popularity, Orangetheory personalizes the experience through the integration of technology. Each member is given a heart rate monitor bracelet to be worn during the workout which allows participants to monitor their heart rate in real-time and adjust their level of effort according to their own body. 

Orangetheory founders Ellen Latham and David Long both hold degrees in exercise and physiology making them experts in their field. Enjoying previous success at companies like European Wax Center, where he helped the brand grow from 4 to 550 locations, Long has also served as Vice President of Operations and Regional Development at Massage Envy, playing a key role in the growth of the company from 20 to 800 locations. This experience, coupled with Long’s passion for fitness has helped him grow the Organgetheory concept to 1,500 studios in 25 countries in just 14 years.

The program is based on the five heart rate training zones, with the orange zone being the optimal rate for boosting metabolism and burning fat, during and after class, while also improving energy and overall heart health. The use of specialized heart rate monitors differentiates Orangetheory from other studios as it recognizes that every body is different. Also with each session being led by a certified coach, they ensure that the experience is personalized and achievable for members of all fitness levels and abilities. 

If you are interested in checking out the studio, first-time attendees can enjoy a free trial class before registering! Head to the Orangetheory website via this link for more details.

Here is a list of the existing Tokyo locations:

Shimokitazawa (Scheduled to open in spring 2024)