National Treasure - Frolicking Animals

National Treasure: Frolicking Animals

Apr 13, 2021 at 8:30am ~ Jun 20, 2021 at 8:00pm

Painted over 800 years ago and passed down at the Kosan-ji, a temple in the tranquil mountains of Kyoto, The Scrolls of Frolicking Animals is one of the most famous works in the history of Japanese painting and considered a National Treasure. All four handscroll volumes, which are believed to have inspired the creation of manga, will be displayed during the exhibition period alongside fragments from the main scrolls and copies of the lost originals.

There will also be a VR program screening the first of the four scrolls, providing detailed and easy-to-follow explanations of the fantastical world of animals unfolded by the meticulously painted scrolls.

Opening hours: 8:30am – 8:00pm
Admission fee:
Adults ¥2,000
University/college students ¥1,200
High school students ¥900
Junior high school students and under: free
VR program “The Scrolls of Frolicking Animals from A to Z!”
Date: April 14, 2021 (Wed) – July 11, 2021 (Sun)
Time: [Wed, Thu, Fri] 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 [Sat, Sun, Holidays] 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00
Venue: Asian Gallery (Toyokan)-TNM & TOPPAN Museum Theater
Running time: about 35 min.
Fee: [High school students and above] ¥600 [Elementary and junior high school students] ¥300 [Pre-school children and persons with disability and one person accompanying them] Free




Start: Apr 13th 2021 at 8:30am

End: Jun 20th 2021 at 8:00pm