[Sponsored] Long before the Netflix show Terrace House became an international hit, there was another Japanese reality show that captivated audiences overseas. The show, Kinniku Banzuke (Muscle Ranking), and its various spin-offs, including Sasuke, were broadcast in over 20 countries, and even spawned an American version called American Ninja Warrior.

These wildly entertaining shows follow a similar format, in which competitors attempt to complete an impossibly difficult obstacle course. The early stages of these competitions test contestants on agility and speed, where competitors must complete the course within the time limit. The last stages are usually not timed and are a contest of pure strength; those who are able to complete the course are crowned champions and receive hefty prize money.

This year, a new competition will test the next generation of champions: The KuroOvi Project. Produced by Ushio Higuchi, the creator of Sasuke and American Ninja Warrior, KuroOvi is set to be the next big thing in sports entertainment television — and it wants you to participate.

If you think you have what it takes to overcome a demanding physical challenge and be worthy of the ¥10 million prize, KuroOvi wants to hear from you. To be eligible, competitors must be at least of junior high school age (or be born before April 1, 2002), be in good physical health and be able to participate in strenuous physical activity, and must pass a physical examination on the day of the event (a professional physician will be on site on competition days). 

The competition will run from Saturday, September 16 to Monday, September 18, as well as on Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24. The venue is easily accessible from Narita Airport; a free shuttle bus will carry competitors between the airport and the venue.

To apply, visit www.kuroovi.com and follow the online application procedures. Applications accepted through August 31. Applicants will be notified via email regarding the next step.