Fall tempts city dwellers to get out and explore. But if you’re on a budget, the price of transportation can root your feet in the concrete jungle. Being a foreigner in Japan has its perks, though: pick up one of these foreigner-exclusive travel tickets and stop stressing about your expenses!

Moss garden at the Hakone Museum of Art

Moss garden at the Hakone Museum of Art (Photo by Tomoko Kamishima)

Odakyu Economical Excursion Tickets

Where to Get Them: 

Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center at Odakyu line Shinjuku station, West Exit 1F. The Hakone Freepass is also available from ticket vending machines at all Odakyu line stations. www.odakyu.jp/english/deels/


Hakone Freepass: You can get on and off freely throughout a specified area, includes full coverage of the popular sightseeing destinations in Hakone, discount admission to various attractions in the area and return transportation on the Odakyu line. Valid for 2-3 days, ¥1,750-5,140 (from Shinjuku to Hakone).

Fuji Hakone Pass: Includes one round-trip from Tokyo, Shinjuku (Odakyu line/Chuo Highway Bus), unlimited use of specified transport in the Hakone and Fuji areas and reduced admission price to various museums as well as restaurant discounts. Valid for 3 days, ¥3,700-7,400.

Upper Kirifuri-no-taki Falls, Nikko

Upper Kirifuri-no-taki Falls, Nikko (Photo by Tomoko Kamishima)

Tobu Railway Discount Pass

Where to Get It: 

Online and Tobu Sightseeing Service Center in Tobu Asakusa station. www.tobu.co.jp/foreign/pass/


All Nikko Pass: Includes round-trip travel from Asakusa and unlimited travel on buses between Nikko and Okunikko and on trains between Nikko and the Kinugawa Onsen area. Valid for 4 days, ¥2,280-4,520.

2-Day Nikko Pass: Includes one round trip between Asakusa and Shimo-Imaichi, unlimited train rides between Shimo-Imaichi,Tobu Nikko and Shin-Fujiwara and unlimited bus rides between JR Nikko, Tobu Nikko, Nishi-Sando and Rengeishi stations.