Get Your Tenori-on For Less


Originally published on on November 2009


Most gadget-head musos who have fiddled with Yamaha’s bizarre Tenori-on electronic musical instrument generally agree that it’s the best, most fun thing since sliced tonkatsu on rice. Yet the ¥120,000-plus price tag is a bit of a deal-killer. Which is why we’re happy to discover that a new version is set to go on sale at the much friendlier price of ¥80,000.

Basically a big touch-sensitive squeezebox with lights and speakers, the machine will be available with a cheaper plastic case instead of the original magnesium shell and a new reliance on mains power, where the old one used batteries.

There’s also a new name—Tenori-on TNR-O—but Yamaha says it still creates the same insane beep-boop music as the old model, some of which you can sample at the URL below.