Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on July 2012

Electronica duo Green Linez’s debut album is like a sonic pimpmobile. It’s a smooth, audio timeslip back to ’70s funk-fusion in the plush seat of a pink Cadillac, surrounded by fuzzy dice and car fresheners. Except in the case of Tokyo-based British producer Matt Lyne and his partner UK-resident Christopher Greenberg, the sound of American funk-fusion is refracted through an ’80s Japanese style known as City Pop, which took US soul and re-envisioned it for a pleasure-seeking Bubble-era populace.

With names like “Palm Coast Freeway” and “Fantasy Glide,” the songs of Green Linez are all fat, funky bass lines, cheesy synthesizer effects and languid, foot-tapping beats. Night is setting in the city, the album seems to say, and it’s time to put on your slickest polyester suit and hit the disco.

Lyne and Greenberg offer up live mixes of Things That Fade this weekend in a night at Shibuya’s WWW that matches acts from their Diskotopia imprint with artists Ital, Magic Touch and others from 100% Silk, an LA-based dance music imprint mining a related vein of retro house and techno.

Diskotopia x 100% Silk@WWW, Jul 21 (listing).

Buy Greeen Linez Things That Fade HERE.