Harbor Circuit: The Go-To for Go-Kart Racing in Japan

Harbor Circuit: The Go-To for Go-Kart Racing in Japan

Live out your Formula One dreams at one of these premier locations


Thrill-seekers of all skill levels and ages are welcome to live out their wildest Formula One dreams at Harbor Circuit, Japan’s premier venue for go-kart racing. The multiple venues across Chiba and Tokyo  include the indoor Harbor Circuit at Chiba Sports Plaza, the outdoor Harbor Circuit at AEON Mall Kisarazu, and the newly opened outdoor Makuhari Shintoshin track in Chiba besides AEON Mall Makuhari Shintoshin. Each venue offers a fun, speedy, and safe experience perfect for family, friends or tourists, and office or school get-togethers.

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Harbor Circuit at Chiba Sports Plaza is the only indoor go-kart facility with an overpass and tunnel in Japan.

The newest location is adjacent to the multi-storey car park on the Active Mall side of AEON MALL Makuhari Shintoshin.  It features a multi-level track, thrilling hairpin turns, tunnels and banks. The track operates under a ride and drive concept, so there’s no need to reserve. Simply check online to see what space is available (there are 10 adults karts, 7 junior karts and 4 kids karts to choose from), show up and start racing! The Makuhari location has a 110m kids racer course, making it a perfect day out for all the family, and it is the first course in Japan with an outdoor grade separation. Check out the nearby Costco or AEON Mall after your races for a fun-filled day trip to Chiba. 

The venues offer tournament-style races for those visiting with a group of five or more, for that perfectly thrilling, if a little competitive, bonding experience. In fact, you can hire out whole tracks by the hour, if you’re looking for an action-packed activity to include at a birthday party, an office function, or a weekend get-together. 

You can even race in the rain to practice your wet weather driving skills, as the venue remains open to visitors rain or shine


If it’s your first time go-karting or perhaps your first time driving at all, you’re in luck: the venues don’t require a driver’s license to enjoy go-karting, and friendly staff will help out with covering the basics of safety rules and safety equipment, such as helmets and balaclavas. Rest assured that the machines offer ample protection. Harbor Circuit’s SodiKarts feature state-of-the-art crash prevention brake lamps as well as remotely-operated kill switches, which can also be engaged if necessary.

For children 4 years old and above, there’s a “Kid Racer” plan (Chiba: ¥1,000/6 min, Kisarazu: ¥800/4 min). These mini two-seaters have a 120-kilogram limit, meaning adults can accompany their little ones on the track. For seasoned speed racers seeking to improve their lap times — which easily becomes quite the addictive pursuit — a performance printout with daily and monthly rankings is handed out after each session for you to see how well you stack up against other track rivals.

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Harbor Circuit Chiba and Kisarazu offer a “Kid Racer” plan where adults can accompany their children aged four years and above.

Harbor Circuit at Chiba Sports Plaza (2F) features an expansive indoor karting track, complete with hairpin turns, a tunnel and a raised bank. It is the only indoor go-kart facility with an overpass and tunnel in Japan. Visitors can also take advantage of the tennis courts, bowling alley and gaming center on the first floor of the Chiba Sports Plaza.

Meanwhile, the outdoor track at Harbor Circuit Kisarazu adds authenticity to the go-karting experience. You can even race in the rain to practice your wet weather driving skills, as the venue remains open to visitors rain or shine. After a high-adrenaline day of karting, visitors can relax and indulge in a plethora of dining and shopping options available in the vast AEON mall, conveniently situated right next to the circuit.

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Harbor Circuit Kisarazu offers an outdoor track which adds an element of authenticity and is open rain or shine.
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