Horoscope Feb 3 – Feb 9

Horoscope Feb 3 – Feb 9

Feb 3 - Feb 9


It’s In The Stars Weekly Horoscope 

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Horoscope Jan 27 – Feb 2

March 20 – April 18


Aries leads the way in backflips and breakthroughs. With Chiron, Juno, and Jupiter connected in your sign, you’re there for everyone – including yourself. Your busy schedule includes the Full Moon in your romance sector. Someone wants attention! Of course, you can always take yourself out to dinner, too. Most of your week is about details. Getting them defined is a welcome relief.

April 19 – May 19


You may have had enough of Uranus in your sign, but is it finished with you? Take solace in knowing that Venus creates a soothing aspect with this rebel planet. Friends and groups offer what you find valuable. Thank goodness Venus is known as the goddess of pleasure. This Full Moon expands connections with life at home and where you live. Your feelings take precedence.

May 20– June 20


You won’t be under the radar this week. You’re noticed wherever you are, especially at work. Venus is in your career sector. You’re an asset and may be rewarded. What you add lifts the comfort levels that so many need. Plus, you can’t help but look good. The Full Moon reflects where you connect. Conversations, neighbors, brothers and sisters all factor in your choices.

June 21 – July 21


This week brings revelations, especially for you. Cancers are blessed as the Moon transits to your solar second house. It’s a Full Moon, reflecting and enhancing what is already there. This means what you earn gets a boost of confidence, possibly because your leadership qualities have surfaced. Venus in your solar ninth house brings a glimpse of why you deserve a comfy spirit.

July 22 – August 22


Reality or fantasy? Indulgence or discipline? Whatever you choose, there is a path made for you. Leos can write their own ticket this week. The Full Moon is in your sign. You know exactly how you feel and what you need. Because you tend to radiate a powerful aura, you can act without hesitation. Of course, if you’d rather reflect in a moonlit hot bath, that works too.

August 23 – September 21


What does a Virgo want? This is your week for dreams. The Full Moon enters your solar twelfth house. It’s the time to seek out a sanctuary that offers beauty and quiet. Let it restore your sensitive soul. Think big. It’s a powerful position where limits don’t have to be obstacles. Enjoy the expansion you may consider, even if it seems impossible. Your subconscious is calling. 

September 22 – October 22


Your chart has a grand kite formation. Libra is the grounding point. It’s a combination of luck and ease. Ceres in your sign connects her magic with Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun. You may find yourself busy on behalf of others. Thinking of joining a group that shares your interests? This Full Moon puts you in its reflective light. You may become known quite quickly. 

October 23 – November 21


You may be serious about getting things done. While background noise can make the air feel full, sometimes you need quiet. Venus has transited to steep your soul in luxury. Daily routines may seem more like distractions. Your creativity can be off the charts. Bringing it down to earth, you connect with the confidence of this Full Moon. 

November 22 – December 20


Sagittarians, who need to be free, may have felt a bit tethered. Like the powerful Centaur who possesses a finely tuned aim, your nervous system can hit overload when held back. Let yourself breathe and know you are part of the larger picture. You are doing your best in the context of others’ choices and how they participate. This Full Moon helps you see to the other side.

December 21 – January 18


The sense of confidence others project may not always be real, but it can be helpful in a pinch. Partnerships have been in the limelight. The Full Moon is in this sector. It accentuates and shares its reflections. This includes long-term relationships and business connections. If you have achieved much together, you are likely to be noticed. Stumbling blocks in romance smooth out. 

January 19 – February 17


Aquarius is an air sign, ruling the intellect and relying on logic. Your ability to view a situation is long range. This week’s Full Moon opposes your sign. It enhances several areas of your life, offering confidence in your assessments. It reflects a greater light in relationships, especially those that are long-term. Surprises at home create improvements for all.

February 18-March 19


Venus in your sign becomes ethereal. What was a line of cut-outs with definition now seems infused with a glow. You have a team to stand with you, and the angelic group moves closer. The Full Moon adds the sense that you are not alone. It helps to see light reflected, especially with work and health. If you feel called to encourage others, know what you’re sensing can help.

Illustrations by wynettaceasarani