ICU Festival 2017: Tear Down Any Wall

ICU Festival 2017: Tear Down Any Wall

The university welcomes all visitors to their annual festival


The International Christian University (ICU) will be hosting its annual festival this weekend and inviting the public to join them in celebration of the theme “Tear Down Any Wall.” For two days, ICU students will welcome visitors to booths featuring delicious food and beverages while taking in various displays and performances. Campus tours and open classes will also be held during this time for those feeling curious about the academic scene. And children of all ages can enjoy a Kids’ Festival featuring an outdoor maze, cotton candy, flying paper rings and a play park.

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Of course, no festival is complete without a stamp rally, and the ICU Festival will host one along with quizzes and heaps of fun. The Biggest Picture Book in the World will be on display, and Sports Day activities will, perhaps literally, keep participants hopping. Glocal Mitaka, a citizen group working in collaboration with ICU to help students integrate and learn about Japan, will also be on hand with songs and other fun things to share.

This community-based event is helped by those who live near the university and other supporters, and the organizers would like to emphasize that everyone is welcome. ICU believes it is a very unique and special opportunity for their students to share with the community what they have learned and achieved through their education and research.

October 21 (Sat) & October 22 (Sun). International Christian University Campus 3-10-2 Mitaka-shi, Tokyo.