Kappo Haze

Kappo Haze

Catch your own fish and let top chefs cook it


Kaiseki is a traditional haute-cuisine and multi-course meal meaning “banquet dinner,” often served at celebratory events and occasions. The course meal is evaluated on how harmoniously and aesthetically the chef can craft seasonal ingredients together. Kaiseki in itself is not a rarity in Japan as it is served at many renowned restaurants across the country. However, Kappo Haze, a newly opened restaurant in Kobe, has introduced a new spin, in which top chefs prepare the fish that you caught yourself. 

It’s a sister branch of Nihon Ryori Haze, a locally-loved kaiseki restaurant, but it has also taken inspiration from the tsuribito concept first introduced by Ristorante Pescatore in Tokyo. So where should you go for the best, freshest seafood this summer? 

Nihon Ryori Haze

Domestic ingredients from each region of Japan are selected and cooked to perfection to bring out the best complimentary flavor.

Nihon Ryori Haze specializes in kaiseki cuisine right by the bay in Kobe. Its chefs excel at artistic composition of local vegetables, meat and fish in a colorful meal which parallels the changing seasons. Its meals are not only cherished by the locals in the area but have also made the destination a popular spot for celebrities and politicians alike. 

3 Chome-1-8 Kitanocho, Chuo Ward, Kobe, Hyog0

Ristorante Pescatore

As a membership based restaurant, everything is guaranteed to be made to order, just for you.

Ristorante Pescatore is the product of a joint effort between qualified chefs and fishers. The restaurant invites fishers to bring their catch to be prepared and shared at the restaurant. Ristorante Pescatore is the pioneer of the concept of delivering a dish à la tsuribito or from “catch to meal,” which the chefs invented for anyone who doesn’t know how to prepare the fish or cannot finish their day’s catch on their own. If you fish as a hobby, become a Tsuribito Member via their website to watch your fresh catch transform into an Italian fine-dining menu.

Minato City, Roppongi, 7 Chome−3−21, Kitayama Bldg 1F, Tokyo

Kappo Haze

The advantage of Kappo Haze is getting unique and rare fish that are not usually stocked by markets.

Kappo Haze is the long-awaited love child of Nihon Ryori Haze and Ristorante Pescatore, opening July 2, 2021. The restaurant opens its kitchen to fishers who want to bring their fish and have their catch prepared via the catch-to-meal process inspired by Ristorante Pescatore. However, being the sister branch of Nihon Ryori Haze, the chefs will prepare the fresh catch in the style of kaiseki — incorporating local vegetables grown in the rich Hyogo soil. Furthermore, the owner, a former bartender, has prepared the finest selection of sake, shochu and a variety of alcoholic beverages to accompany the meal. The next time you are fishing in Kobe, bring your prized possessions to enjoy a compilation of seasonal delicacies at Kappo Haze. 

1-7-5 Yamamoto-Dori, Kitano Maison Blanche B1,
Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo

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