Michelin Guide 2021 Takeout Deals in Tokyo

Michelin Guide 2021 Takeout Deals in Tokyo

Enjoy food from the best in the comfort of home


Michelin Guide 2021 Takeout Deals for Tokyo

The Michelin Guide for 2021 is out and it’s no surprise that Tokyo reigns supreme as the city with the most starred restaurants, now totaling 218. As the capital faces its second state of emergency, many of these Michelin Star restaurants are offering fantastic deals on takeout and delivery items.

Thanks to the commitment and resiliency of talented chefs, having an impeccable meal doesn’t have to be a thing of the past for concerned gourmets. Don’t worry about booking a table months in advance and start planning your next date night or cheat meal in the safety of your home.

Here’s our list of the nine best takeout and delivery options from Michelin Star restaurants in Tokyo in 2021:

tempura miyashiro nakameguro michelin starred restaurant lunch set
Which Michelin Star restaurants offer takeout in Tokyo? Try Tempura Miyashiro in Nakameguro.

1. Tempura Miyashiro (Nakameguro) ★☆☆

The Deal: ¥2,500 tempura lunch set 

Hidden away in an inconspicuous building, Tempura Miyashiro, led by owner-chef Naoaki Miyashiro, is all about expressing gratitude and appreciation for their ingredients and suppliers through cooking. Utilizing seasonal ingredients, modern technology and well practiced culinary knowledge, Miyashiro is able to create tempura to showcase each ingredient at its best. Although rare for a restaurant with a Michelin Star, the restaurant’s team offers a weekday lunch tempura set for just ¥2000. Luckily, they also offer this set for takeout for just ¥500 more.

Order the tempura set here.



Nabeno-ism restaurant curry 2021
Even if you can’t sit at one of Nabeno-Ism’s tables, you can still enjoy their food at home.

2. Nabeno-Ism (Komagata) ★★☆

The Deal: ¥2,000 “Nabeno Curry”

This two-Michelin-Star French cuisine restaurant, led by executive chef and CEO Yuichiro Watanabe, has been referred to as a “French restaurant, with a Japanese soul.” Their menu features seasonal dishes that embody the season’s of Japan with the spirit of French cuisine. While their dining-in menu features robust multi-course sets, their online shop keeps it simple with the ¥2,000 “Nabeno Curry.”

Order online here.



tenoshima michelin star restaurant takeour seafood sushi valentines day 2021
Sushi for two, please.

3. Tenoshima (Akasaka) ★☆☆

The Deal: ¥5,900 large sushi set (2-3 people)

Aiming to change preconceived notions of kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course meal) dining, owner and chef Hayashi Ryohei serves his meals in a relaxing, enjoyable environment. Originally inspired by Teshima Island, the restaurant’s dishes consist of fresh seafood and local ingredients from local Japanese suppliers. The chef’s selected choice course changes every two weeks, but if you want to choose exactly what you want, their takeout menu has plenty of options. They are currently running a special on their sushi set: ¥5,900 for a large box for 2-3 people or ¥2,950 for a small.

Order online here.



Lature shibuya takeout michelin guide 2021
You can order Lature’s popular raisin butter sandwich for ¥3,110 online.

4. Lature (Shibuya) ★☆☆

The Deal: ¥21,600 “Lature Smile Set” featuring 11 items (2-3 people)

With the focus on wild game, chef Takuto Murota opened Lature with the intentions of respecting Mother Nature and providing the best service to each customer. Often hunted by the chef himself, his signature Instagram-famous starter is a savory macaron made with deer blood. If you’re on the prowl for something a little more tame, you can order their popular raisin butter sandwich for ¥3,110. However, if your looking to impress in the comfort of your home, the restaurant offers the “Lature Smile Box” for ¥21,600, featuring 11 different items all for delivery or takeout.

Order online here.



Elsewhere on Metropolis:

tokyo Seizan unagi deal mita kaiseki delivery 2021
With two Michelin stars, Seizan promises a decadent takeout experience in Tokyo.

5. Seizan (Mita) ★★☆

The Deal: ¥3,600 unagi rice set

Opening its doors in 2011, three months after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Seizan specializes in kaiseki. Owned and operated by chef Haruhiko Yamamoto, this two-Michelin-Star restaurant features a menu that changes daily. However, if you’re weary of the unknown, you can order exactly what you want from their online store. They now offer a ¥20,000 bear meat nabe (hot pot dish) set, but if that’s a little too rich for your taste, they also have a ¥3,600 steamed eel and rice set.

Order from the restaurant’s online shop here


ginza kitafuku crab set Michelin takeout tokyo
Crab is king at Ginza Kitafuku.

6. Kitafuku (Ginza) ★☆☆

The Deal: ¥4,500 “Special King Crab Dumplings”

On a quest to experience all the flavor that a crab can offer? If so, look no further. The chefs at this Michelin Star restaurant trained in Hokkaido and specialize in precisely de-shelling crab after you take a picture with it, of course. Each crab arrives at the restaurant fresh and alive, so whether it’s sashimi, boiled or grilled, the flavor will remain beautifully fresh. Kitafuku Ginza’s takeout menu highlights their “Special King Crab Dumplings,” which consist of 90% crab meat at a price of ¥4,500.

Check out all of Kitafuku’s takeout options here.


Chez Olivier french dining tokyo delivery set 2021
The “Discovery Set” features chestnut soup, duck foie gras and braised beef cheek.

7. Chez Olivier (Ichigaya) ★☆☆

The Deal: ¥6,980 “Discovery Set” (two starters and two main dishes)

Classically trained chef Olivier Oddos opened Chez Olivier in 2009 to provide a place for people to enjoy French cuisine in a more relaxed environment compared to other gourmet restaurants in Tokyo. Searching to bridge the gap between his homeland France and Japan, he incorporates ingredients from both countries in his dishes. Their online store is very robust, featuring fully cooked specialty dishes, mediterranean salts and cooking oils. If you want the most bang for your buck, go with the “Discovery Set” for ¥6,980, which includes two starters and two main dishes.

See all of Chez Olivier’s delivery options here



michelin guide 2021 starred restaurants takeout delivery in tokyo narisawa
Michelin Guide 2021 Takeout Deals for Tokyo

8. Narisawa (Aoyama) ★★☆

The Deal: ¥6,000 “Narisawa Special Wagyu Curry”

Consistently listed on “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants,” Narisawa features a unique cuisine focused on satoyama (farmable land in between the seas and mountains) culture. Having studied under Paul Bucose and Joël Robuchon, chef Yoshihiro Narisawa opened his restaurant with the goal of reconnecting his guests with sustainably and nature. Using the best local ingredients from close-knit suppliers, each meal is specifically tailored to every guest for each time they visit. Their online shop features the “Narisawa Special Wagyu Curry” for ¥6,000, but if you want to have an over-the-top Valentine’s Day dinner, you can splurge on their limited premium set that includes a bottle of Don Perignon and two original champagne glasses.

Order online here



afternoon tea Esterre Marunouchi restaurant michelin takeout tokyo
Afternoon tea set, anyone?

9. Esterre (Marunouchi) ★☆☆

The Deal: ¥9,000 tea time box (8 treats for two people)

The newest restaurant on this list and recent recipient of a Michelin Star, Esterre opened in November 2019, inside the Palace Hotel Tokyo. Founded in partnership with Ducasse Paris, they utilize local seasonal ingredients with a Western twist, to showcase what Japan’s land and seas have to offer. If you’re a fan of afternoon tea, and the pandemic has you missing out on all the little sweets, Esterre offers a tea time box for takeout at ¥9,000 with eight different treats for two people. 

Order online here



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There are great takeout options outside of Tokyo’s Michelin-starred restaurants, and FOOD-E can get them delivered to your home.

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