Live Anywhere in Japan for ¥40,000 a Month

Live Anywhere in Japan for ¥40,000 a Month

A low-cost taste of nomadic living


More people are spending time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With less travelers, hotels and home rental services like Airbnb have taken a hard hit, with some companies facing bankruptcy.

Yet there’s a new style of travel that is emerging, one that takes advantage of the flexibility provided by teleworking, ironically also brought on by the novel coronavirus. Working and studying remotely, people aren’t tied down to a single place anymore. They can work from a city that’s been on their bucket list for years, or finally go on that much-needed countryside retreat, all while staying productive.

Here are some housing options to get started:

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An ADDress listing in Chiba (


Live anywhere in Japan for a flat rate

Established to combat the issue of the increasing number of akiya (vacant houses) in Japan, ADDress offers an array of beautifully renovated homes, where you can stay for just ¥40,000 a month. This includes gas, electricity and water fees, as well as basic living utilities. Why not wake up to the cawing of seagulls in a beachside house in Chiba, or to a lush forest view in Yamanashi for a few weeks?

To make a reservation, just create an account, select a home and request your preferred dates. Bring your family or partner for no additional cost. Properties come equipped with WiFi so remote working is no issue.
HafH Nagasaki SAI (


Home rental services for world travelers

Just over a year old, HafH offers houses worldwide. It’s a pricier option, costing around ¥80,000 a month. You’ll be living together with other travelers, so this is a good option for those looking to expand and diversify their friend circle. To book, first create an account through their website, then it’s as easy as picking your favorite among many homes.
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An Airbnb apartment in Japan.


Switch it up locally

With over 40,000 listings in Japan, you’ll definitely find the home you’re looking for. Whether you want to stay at a sleek apartment in Sapporo, or one in Naha, Airbnb has you covered. Prices vary but are generally affordable, commonly between ¥1,000 to ¥4,000 a night.