Low & Slow Shibuya BBQ Review

Low & Slow Shibuya BBQ Review

Texas-style barbecue in the heart of Shibuya


Low & Slow Shibuya, a Texas-style barbecue restaurant, is a café-like space on the 8th floor of the Kyoudou building, minutes from Hachiko exit. Wood is stacked at the entrance to the establishment, and it isn’t just for decoration; it fuels a massive smoker enclosed in a glass room at the edge of the restaurant’s dining area.

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Naturally, the focus is on meat cooked at low temperature over a long period of time: ribs, brisket, and pulled pork are the three primary offerings. One portion of the menu is devoted to what Low & Slow Shibuya calls “BBQ Combo Plates,” a choice of meat (ribs, brisket, pulled pork, or some combination of these three), side meat (smoked fried chicken or sausage), a side dish (fries, mac and cheese, or potato salad), and coleslaw. The Pit Master’s Combo (3,000 yen) is a great choice for diners (groups of 2-3) looking to sample all three meats. Bread is available for an extra 100 yen. Larger groups looking for a bigger meal can opt for the Big Pit Master’s Combo; it offers all three meats, as the regular Pit Master’s Combo does, but at three times the portion size (recommended for 3-4 people). Each table at Low & Slow Shibuya has a Texas BBQ sauce (Worcester sauce-based) and a Carolina sauce (a tangy vinegar sauce) to pair with the meat. A house sauce is also available.

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Low & Slow Shibuya BBQ Texas brisket

Meat can also be ordered by weight. Ribs are available by rack (¥5,400 full; ¥2,800 half; ¥1,400 3 ribs, and ¥500 for a single rib). Brisket is available in 100g or 200g (¥1,200 and ¥2,300, respectively). Pulled pork is available in the same weights, at ¥800 and ¥1,500. Texas hot link sausage rounds out this portion of the menu (4 pieces for ¥800).

There are two sandwiches on offer; pulled pork (¥1,200) and brisket (¥1,680). Served on white bread, the portions are large. The brisket is pull-apart tender, and the smoky, peppery flavor of the slow-cooked meat creates a hearty, deeply flavorful balance with crisp coleslaw. Experiment with sauces to create the perfect bite. Sandwiches come served with a generous portion of fries, making this a dish a good one to split.

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The side menus on offer include soups, salads, and fried foods. Try the gumbo (¥600) for a warming soup with a light tomato flavor and a bit of spicy kick from the sausage. The mac and cheese (¥750) is simple and could very well remind you of home.The coleslaw (¥500) is light and is a great topping for bites from the BBQ combo plate.

The dessert menu includes an apple cobbler (¥680). Warm apple, cinnamon, and raisins are nestled beneath a heaping serving of buttery, crumbling batter, and the whole dish is topped with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

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Original drinks on the menu include a cucumber tonic (¥1,000) and a spicy bloody Caesar (a housemade blue pepper vodka with clamato juice, ¥1,000). There are five highball options (¥900). Three red and white wines are available by the glass (¥700) or bottle (¥3,000-¥8,000). Beers are not limited to the Heineken and Guinness on the menu. Items behind the bar counter (such as Blue Moon) may also be available; inquire with staff for details. Diners will also find three original smoothies, in addition to a selection of soft drinks, which includes a house lemonade and fresh juices. Visit at lunch time for a free drink (under ¥600).

While the majority of the menu at Low & Slow Shibuya is geared more towards dinnertime, the soup, salad and sandwich options make this a viable location for lunch as well. Most of the items are also available for takeout. While the prices may be on the higher side, consideration should be given to the use of the smoker and dedication to faithful execution of concept. Portions of meat are not enormous, but they are satisfying. Barbecue enthusiasts would be remiss not to stop in here at least once; the smoker is a sight to behold, and enjoying a Texas-style feast while looking out over Shibuya is quite a memorable experience.

Low & Slow Shibuya
Shibuya Park Side Kyoudou bldg
8F, 1-25-6 Shibuya , Shibuya-ku , Tokyo Japan
Tel: 03-3409-6581
Lunch: 11:30am – 17:00pm
Dinner: 17:00pm – 11pm