Madam Mỹ Ginza

Madam Mỹ Ginza

Sumptuous eatery serves Thai and Vietnamese cuisine


A short walk from Ginza Station, under the beautiful arch of the Nitta Building, Madam Mỹ Modern Thai Vietnamese is set to be the new go-to destination for those looking for exquisite Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

Amidst a bustling shopping district, the restaurant’s restful and refined tropical interior evokes the feeling of being transported to a different dimension. Despite the relaxing atmosphere, Madam Mỹ fits right into one of Tokyo’s most fashionable neighborhoods. The mosaic floor and monkey-themed wallpaper represent all of the richness and sophistication of Southeast Asian culture.

The French colonial influence is also remarkable, as the interior design mimics that of colonial architecture in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Bangkok Old City. Sculptures of monkeys holding paper umbrellas and flaunting fancy jewelry sit and hang throughout the restaurant, creating a playful experience that stands apart from less thematic eateries. Fun and exuberant, Madam Mỹ is a sumptuous jungle right in the heart of Ginza.

Madam My Ginza Thai Viet food Restaurants Dining featured

A culturally vibrant country whose name graces the top of many people’s travel bucket lists, Thailand manages to stay humble amidst its global buzz. The country’s affable nature stretches to its cuisine, in which bold spices are often balanced by the freshness of cilantro, lemongrass or cardamom. At an opening event, guests were greeted by beer and an abundant buffet table piled with tasty offerings.

As guests dove into the buffet, servers in elegant traditional clothes emerged from the kitchen with more trays of food. The aroma alone was inebriating. A cheerful server passed around a small starter consisting of pineapple topped with pork meat before guests indulged their culinary adventure. Highlights included Vietnamese noodles, juicy roast beef accompanied by spicy sautéed brussels sprouts, and crispy shrimp with a light, refreshing salad made of Vietnamese herbs.

Madam My Ginza Thai Viet food Restaurants Dining featured

The next course kicked off with a stir-fried minced meat salad enriched with eggs, Thai basil, fresh vegetables and seasoned with soy and fish sauce — staples of Thai and Viet cuisines. While each dish was far from disappointing, the stars of the evening were the yellow curry, complete with fresh notes of cilantro, as well as a beloved classic: Vietnamese spring rolls, delicate and delicious. The bar also boasts an extensive menu of quality cocktails to complement the food.

Through modern fusion cuisine and an animated atmosphere, Madam Mỹ brings Thailand and Vietnam to Tokyo’s doorstep in the form of a sensational dining experience.

Madam Mỹ Modern Thai Vietnamese
11am – 12am (Monday – Friday), 11:30am – 12am (Saturday – Sunday, national holidays)
1F Nitta Building
8-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku