Sands Lifestyle Roadshow Series

Sands Lifestyle Roadshow Series

‘The Fabric of Macao’ Wows Guests in Tokyo


The Sands Resorts Macao, a hotel and casino resort located in Macau, recently dazzled Tokyo on June 4 with its opulent “The Fabric of Macao” roadshow. This marked the fourth stop on its Asia-wide tour. Guests come to their resort to enjoy a large gaming floor with a variety of table games and slot machines, as well as multiple restaurants, bars, and other entertainment options, making it one of several major casino resorts in Macau.

Sands Resorts Macao wowed guests with this spectacular event to draw attention to international audiences, showcasing the art and culture of Macao on the Southern Coast of China through traditional dances, beautiful tapestries, and a refined dinner. The guest list included Tokyo’s top travel industry representatives, meeting organizers, and media partners.

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“The Fabric of Macao” attendees were first met with an interactive entranceway resembling Macao’s winding streets and alleyways. Fabrics adorned the entryway with various prints representing different facets of Macao’s identity. Guests were served a spectacular dinner featuring the region’s national dishes. 

Kris Kaminsky, Senior Vice President of Hotel Operations, at Sands China Ltd., said, “We are thrilled to bring ‘The Fabric of Macao’ Asia-wide roadshow series to Tokyo. Here in one of Macao’s most important visitor source markets, we warmly welcome our guests to feel the vibrant pulse of Sands Lifestyle. We have also brought along talented Macao artists to reinforce the uniqueness of Macao and provide an international platform. This event perfectly exemplifies this. Our firm commitment to promoting Macao as a premier destination to an international audience.”

Dancers wearing traditional dress at  ‘The Fabric of Macao’ event at Sands Resorts Macao.

The heart of the event was a captivating representation of Macao’s essence through each Lifestyle pillar of the Sands Resorts within the stage, which represented an opulent fabric with defined prints. The Portuguese azulejos tiles symbolized the beauty of art and culture, while signature cobblestone pavements evoked the iconic destination of Macao.

A Chinese good luck knot reflected the deep connections forged between people, places and experiences in the city. Shimmering gold highlighted Macao’s glamorous fashion scene, while a lotus flower pattern in earth tones celebrated health and wellness. A wine stain-inspired pattern paid homage to Macao’s rich gastronomic heritage and a radiant sequin pattern symbolized the city’s vibrant entertainment offerings. Together, these elements showcased Macao’s identity beautifully.

The finale featured a spectacular display of British icons and a performance set to the timeless sounds of The Beatles‘ “Come Together,” bringing a fusion of cultures and entertainment. With its diverse array of offerings such as luxury facilities, entertainment, shopping and dining, Sands Resorts continues to position Macao as a premier destination for both work and play. 

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Artist painting a landscape at ‘The Fabric of Macao’ event in The Sands Resorts Macao