Marielle Byworth

Marielle Byworth

Jewelry designer


Originally published on on January 2010

Photo by Mark Wassalo

Photo by Mark Wassalo

Where are you from and what brought you to Japan?

I’m originally from the mountainous region of Jura in the north of Switzerland. After following my husband to London, I pushed him into accepting a job in Tokyo because London was a little too dirty.

How did you get into jewelry design?

Ever since studying at the Beaux-Arts [Ecole cantonale d’art] in Lausanne, I’ve always enjoyed designing small precious objects. While in London, I lived in a house with two diamond traders who were completely insane. They changed the way I looked at the world—they spent their evenings drinking and talking about the merits of being involved in such a unique business. How could I say no?

What kinds of jewelry do you design? What inspires you?

My work is high-end fashion jewelry: I like to appeal to women who have style and don’t look for a brand to tell them what they need to wear to look good. Inspiration usually comes from my environment—my lifestyle in Japan is very Zen, and I combine that with a love of nature that I have been surrounded with since the day I was born.

Tell us about what you’re up to now.

I am just in the process of relaunching the website, but far more interesting is the launch of Marielle Byworth bespoke collections. I have been dealing with several high net worth individuals and institutions that want Marielle Byworth designs just for them or their shop.


What are your plans for the future?

The near future will be focused on the “Marielle Byworth” project. In terms of Japan, I have had a great time, but now…*sucking teeth* …it might just be time to move on. I love Asia, so I am pushing my hubby again to move to Hong Kong….

What’s your favorite place in all of Tokyo?

It is just impossible to say; my favorite shop is Restir in Midtown (, my favorite restaurant is Zanmai in Tsukiji (, my favorite places to visit with my dog are Omotesando Anniversaire ( and Yoyogi Park. My favorite nightspot is Baron de Paris (

What’s the one thing everyone ought to do at least once before leaving Japan?

Go to Okinawa with your lover! It’s just beautiful!