Metronomy Forever

Metronomy Forever

10th anniversary for the English electronic group


English electronic act Metronomy return to Tokyo after a five year absence. The band, from Devon, have just released their sixth studio album Metronomy Forever and play Ebisu’s Liquidroom venue on November 26. Metropolis spoke with lead singer Joseph Mount about the last decade, UK’s music scene and playing live in Japan.

Metropolis: It’s been three years now since the last album Summer 08 was released. How have you spent this time?

Joseph Mount: I made an album with the Swedish pop legend, Robyn, I became a farmer and I made Metronomy Forever. I’ve been busy.

M: Metronomy officially started as a band in 2008. Things must have changed with the band over the last decade. How would you describe these 10 years?

JM: They’ve been an incredible adventure. We’ve seen things change in the music industry and seen bands come and go. I think now we feel like part of the establishment…which is actually quite fun.

M: How did you come to release Nights Out 10th anniversary version and what do you think of the album now?

JM: We thought it would be a nice anniversary to notice, ten years is a long time! It was a way of sharing a significant moment with fans, so we included some exclusive songs/versions on an updated edition. I love Nights Out, it’s my favorite Metronomy album.

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M: There are always new artists breaking through the music scene every year — IDLES, one of the new post punk bands, who remixed “Wedding Bells” from Metronomy’s latest album Metronomy Forever. How did you come to work with IDLES and how would you feel about working with new and young artists?

JM: IDLES are one of a small number of exciting new UK bands at the moment; they are obviously pretty special. We played a show in Luxembourg and were surprised when Joe came over and said he was a big fan…that’s where the bromance began. I love finding new and exciting bands/artists to work with, it’s the fountain of youth.

M: What’s the theme for this album? How was the recording process for it?

JM: The process was actually very similar to when I made Nights Out. I tried to clear my mind and make the music I wanted to hear…which seems like an obvious statement. The themes are wide ranging, but it’s an expression of me trying to understand myself within “music.”

M: The Metronomy Forever tour just kicked off. What is your favorite song to play live?

JM: Right now it’s and old song called “The End Of You Too.”From the new songs, I like to play “Insecurity.”

M: You directed two music videos, “Lately” and “Salted Caramel Ice Cream.” What is the story/inspiration behind those videos?

JM: I wanted to make music videos that highlighted how great the band is, that was really what guided me. But lately it’s about young people discovering old music and “Salted Caramel” is about gentrification…and ice cream.

M: How do you see Metronomy progressing in the future?

JM: Well, it’s hard to say. Things change as people get older. I will definitely dedicate my life to making music as Metronomy. I’m sure things will change around us, but Metronomy will last forever.

M: Metronomy is coming back to Japan after a five year absence. What can we expect from the upcoming Tokyo show?

JM: Has it been five years? I actually came to visit on holiday since then, so it doesn’t feel too long. You can expect the best show that Tokyo has ever seen. We will play all of our favorite songs and all of your favorite songs too, it’s going to be very special.

November 26
Doors 6:30pm | Start 7:30pm
3-16-6, Higashi, Shibuya-ku