A Plastic Ocean

Required Viewing

Australian Journalist Craig Leeson and champion free diver Tanya Streeter take us to 20 global locations where we are shown the damage that discarded plastics are doing to the world’s oceans, to the creatures that live in them, and further up the food chain, to mankind itself. “Biodegradable” plastic bags, for example, are really just broken down into smaller pieces of plastic that get into fish and ultimately onto our dinner plates. 

It’s not an exciting film, more like something you’d see in a science class. The heartbreaking dissections of the stomachs of birds and fish are hard to watch, but watch we must. Without getting too overblown here, every person on the planet needs to see this. And then each do something about it. It ends on a hopeful note, introducing a few new waste-disposal technologies. 

One of the most chilling aspects of this film is the fact that, save for couple dozen film festivals, it has been virtually ignored around the world. Go see it, or stream it on Amazon. Then start carrying around an eco-bag. (102)