Cocaine Bear

Trailer trash

Pursued airborne drug dealers eject several kilos of coke over a forest. A large grizzly breaks open a brick, gets extremely high and proceeds to make murderous mischief. Apparently, this actually happened, and it was inevitable that someone would want to make a movie out of it. Enter Elizabeth Banks.

This is one of those one-joke movies that shoehorns all the good bits into the trailer, leaving to the ensuing creature feature the cartoonish CGI, the made-up subplots, the unforgivably violent antics and the dull actors. It all comes off as forced and colossally dumb… to anyone, that is, not at the moment stoned to the gills.

Gets points for being true to its title but does so over and over and over. We get it! The bear did coke! Bottom line: Not exciting, not funny, and even fails to attain the B-movie status is was aiming for. Watch the trailer, have a laugh, and move on. (95 min)