Faith Based

The Lord will provide... an audience

A couple of thirty-something wankers (Tanner Thomason and screenwriter Luke Barnette) glom onto the idea that Christian-themed movies, though uniformly poorly made, have a built-in audience of the ticket-buying faithful and make tons of money. So they decide to make one of their own. 

This is nowhere near great cinema. But director Vincent Masciale gets points for making precisely the movie he wanted to make. And while I applaud any medium that pokes fun at organized religion, I liked it for directing most of its jokes at the ineptitude of its two principal characters. 

Call it a sincere, playfully humorous sendup rather than biting satire. Sags a bit in the middle, but mostly it kept me chuckling. Near-cameo supporting actors include Jason Alexander and Margaret Cho. (92 min)