Hunter Hunter

It’s a trap!

Warning: This review is packed with spoilers. A family of fur trappers eking out an existence in the most remote wilds of Alberta suspect they are being stalked by a large and vicious rogue wolf. For 90 percent of its brief runtime, the movie is a well-made and beautifully acted study in fear and dread, maybe, you may be thinking, an arthouse take on Cujo.

Not so fast. Things take a turn for the macabre when the wolf in question is spotted chewing on a severed human arm. Then several dead bodies are discovered, obviously tortured. Next, an apparent victim of the wolf is found still alive, and it becomes obvious that the real beast here is not of the four-legged variety. By the hugely unsatisfying ending, the mood has morphed into full-blown, no-gore-barred, Texas Chainsaw-level, batshit-crazy horror.

For what it’s worth, Shawn Linden gets points for making the movie he wanted to make; one that will delight fans of hard-core, grand guignol horror, but few others. A waste of not only your time but also of the director’s obvious talent. (93 min)