Love Sarah

Puff pastry

When a talented confectionary maker dies in a bike accident, her business partner (Shelley Conn), daughter (Shannon Tarbet) and mother (Celia Imrie) convince themselves that the best thing to do is to go ahead with plans to open the foo-foo patisserie the dearly departed had planned. Some hunky, overqualified ex (Rupert Penry-Jones) shows up to do the cooking.

Now, one cannot simply dismiss romantic comedies out of hand. There are in fact good ones (When Harry Met Sally, Notting Hill) and there are bad ones (anything featuring Matthew McConaughey). And some, like this waste of celluloid, don’t even try. Clearly it’s hoping to get by on quirky British charm, sappy sentimentality and attractive food. Clearly it’s failing.

There’s not a scene, a character, a plot twist or even a background song that’s not totally and tediously predictable. Of course, some moviegoers will find this drivel simply enchanting. You know who you are. But in general this must be viewed as punishment for misbehaving husbands or boyfriends. (97 min)

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