Nurse 3-D

A witless, self-satisfied, wink-wink, cult-movie-wannabe

It seems to me that a movie about a slutty psycho nurse who lethally punishes misbehaving males in a variety of gruesomely imaginative ways should be a lot funnier—or funny at all.

Paz de la Huerta (Enter the Void), my new least-favorite actress since Sharon Stone retired, does the title honors in this witless, self-satisfied, wink-wink, cult-movie-wannabe. (Note to filmmakers: You cannot prefab a cult movie; they happen on their own and no one knows why.)

Her constant mugging negates any titillation that may be derived from her apparent disdain for clothing. I have no idea why it’s in 3-D. Japanese title: Mad Nurse. (84 min)