Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

Superbly silly pop culture sendup

When the sophomore album of aging former boy-band idol Connor4Real (co-writer Andy Samberg) tanks, he vows to do anything and everything to get his mojo back.

Look at this as an outrageous but also outraged glimpse at what a waste today’s flaccid, self-promoting, pop culture has become. Easy target, I know. But this extended SNL skit is never mean-spirited. It’s about as deep as a Britney Spears concert, but it gets it right, mostly, and it’s got heart. Loved the throwaway jokes and sight gags.

Comparisons to the great This Is Spinal Tap are inevitable and unabashed. You could emulate worse films. It takes brains to make a musical parody this seriously moronic.

This one’s a blast. I even liked the songs. Turn it up to eleven. (87 min)