Running on ugly

A young mother driving her son to school and behind schedule gets into an altercation with a big, fat, angry fellow in a big pickup who, as we have already been shown in a murderous opening sequence, is not having a good day. 

This thin plot is nothing more than something on which to hang regular instances of brutal, gratuitous violence and a scenery-chewing, obese Russell Crowe being a dick – a persona he sells all too easily. Sad to see the star of Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind reduced to this opportunistic drivel. Even the opening credits are offensive — a collage of security cam clips of violent confrontations that made me need a drink.

We live in difficult times, COVID-stressed and with rising violence. The last thing we need is vicious, sadistic, mean-spirited and contrived “entertainment” like this. (90 min)

 Japan release date: May 28

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