The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

Lacks thrills, Daniel Radcliffe, and a reason for existing

2012’s surprise hit The Woman in Black was a genuinely creepy, Daniel Radcliffe-starring Edwardian ghost story about a child-snatching evil spirit with a taste for funeral attire, adapted from a story by Susan Hill. It was mostly “boo” moments, but these were skilfully done.

This dour, dark, and drab collection of stale haunted house tropes looks great but lacks thrills, Daniel Radcliffe, and a reason for existing. Indeed, it hardly qualifies as a sequel, with all-new characters and occurring 40 years on. It still relies on “boo” moments, but these are so obvious as to be predictable. Not scary. Japanese title: Woman in Black 2: Shi no Tenshi. (98 min)