Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on August 2013

Courtesy of Tokyo Dome City

A lesser known feature of Japanese summers than the shrill semi (cicadas) and the Awa Odori is the proliferation of obon season haunted houses that are really quite a lot scarier than back home. Tokyo Dome’s (www.tokyo-dome.co.jp/e; nearest stns: Suidobashi or Korakuen) offering this year will be particularly horrifying to odontophobics. It tells of Meiji-period waif Mitsu, whose long, jet-black tooth naturally prompted her peers to batter her to death. The tooth remained, along with a grudge that was passed from generation to generation until now, when Mitsu 10 will visit all sorts of dental horrors upon unwitting visitors.

Metropolis is giving away five pairs of tickets to Mitsu 10. Email your name, age, gender, postal address and worst Tokyo nightmare to giveaway@metropolis.co.jp by Aug 6.