Park Hyatt Tokyo Christmas Cakes

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Every season, Park Hyatt Tokyo crafts menus inspired by international cuisines. Executive Pastry Chef Julien Perrinet celebrates fruits and nuts from across Japan through French pastries, bringing you a variety of delectables this Christmas season. 

We’ve kicked off with the Bûche Amahiti, featuring Amaou strawberries from Fukuoka. These sweet little strawberries piled on the cake complement the pink raspberry base and vanilla cream layers. We also recommend trying the Fragola, a Vanilla Genoise cake filled with yuzu jam and fromage black mousse. It’s also crowned with strawberries and wrapped in a gorgeous cream wreath.

Bûche Amahiti ¥6,200

The Bûche Occitane pays homage to the south of France, which is known for its rich production of berries and chestnuts. With a hint of Earl Grey tea and a meticulous glaze on the chestnut sponge with a tart blackcurrant, Chef Julien tops things off it with almonds and layers of cassis jam. 

park hyatt christmas cakes
Bûche Occitane ¥6,800

Elevating the anatomy of a classic French Bûche de Noël, The Bûche Natura is made from a vanilla sponge rolled with yuzu marmalade, enveloped in gianduja mousse and praline crunch. It is crowned with a hazelnut crumble and adorned with sheets of organic dark chocolate.

park hyatt christmas cakes
Bûche Natura ¥7,200

Finishing off with a more personal item on the menu, the Chocolate Caramel Mama Log Cake traces back to Chef Julien’s mother’s chocolate cake recipe. The decadent log is filled with a caramel sauce sourced from the chef’s hometown, Brittany.

park hyatt christmas cakes
Chocolate Caramel Mama Log Cake ¥3,800

Cakes are available to until December 25. Other pastries such as the Stollen Brioche, Festive Crown Brioche, Panettone and Festive Fruits Cake will be added from December 1 to December 25. 

Park Hyatt Tokyo’s Christmas pastries cater to all tastes and occasions, promising an unforgettable celebration. Whether you’re indulging in solo decadence or sharing with loved ones, there’s a perfect creation waiting for you.

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