Pink Ribbon Reiwashu Sparkling Sake Official Launch Party

Pink Ribbon Reiwashu Sparkling Sake Official Launch Party

Celebrating the new era with a mission


Pink Ribbon initiative in the male-dominated Japanese Sake industry? Never heard about it? You’re not alone.

According to the Japan Cancer Society, this was the first of its kind, when Sake Lovers Inc. approached them in the hopes of incorporating the Pink Ribbon Campaign to the special edition sparkling sake that Sake Lovers Inc. was working to produce.

Sake Lovers Inc. was founded in 2018 by Yuki Imanishi, a lady sake sommelier, and her partners with the mission of helping and supporting the shrinking sake industry in Japan. The number of small craft sake breweries and their production decreased by half in the last decade. Nihonshu (Japanese sake) isn’t just any bottled alcoholic drink — it’s the national drink of Japan, filled with the rich culture and history of these sake breweries. Sake Lovers sincerely hopes to do something meaningful to change the trend and to introduce wonderful Japanese sake, with its rich culture and taste, to people in Japan and overseas. Since we are entering into a new Japanese era, Sake Lovers wanted to challenge the general perception of sake with a special edition sparkling sake called Reiwashu. It has 5.5 percent alcohol content and tastes like champagne.

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Derived from all-natural secondary fermentation with peach yeast, this special edition sparkling sake from Okayama embodies the aromatic essence of a bubbly champagne. Many people in Japan, enlivened by the “Reiwa” spirit of revolution and peace, have helped bring this lovely taste to life. One such brewery, which has benefited from the Sake Lovers Inc. mission, is 108-year-old Kamigokoro Shuzo.

Julia Marino, the label designer and a breast cancer survivor, also wishes to promote the well-being and livelihood of women through the power of food, sake and story. Every woman, whether a mother, life partner, daughter or friend, faces the risk of breast cancer. To help create awareness, Sake Lovers will donate part of the proceeds to the Japan Cancer Society’s Pink Ribbon campaign.

Through Reiwashu, Sake Lovers hope to lift up women in Japan so they can sparkle and flourish in the new Reiwa era!

Please join us to celebrate the Coronation Day and the official launch of the Pink Ribbon Reiwashu Sparkling Sake on 1st May 2019, the beginning of the new Reiwa era!

The party will be held at an exclusive private venue in Tokyo Midtown and Reiwashu Sparkling Sake will be served with finger food for your drinking pleasure. During the party, there will be special lucky draw and every guest will also be bringing home a small bottle of Reiwashu as souvenir.

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