Plank o’ Paper

Plank o’ Paper

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Originally published on on February 2010

Courtesy of Mr. Design

We’d love to spend an hour or two inside Kenjiro Sano’s head. When he isn’t lending visual flair to ad campaigns for the likes of AU and Parco, the 30-something designer is churning out deliciously skewed products like this one. The Kakuzai Memo Block is, at heart, a note pad that just wants to get back to its roots (obvious pun not intended). The 1,200-page stack comes decorated with a surprisingly convincing wood design that’s reproduced on the top of each individual sheet. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Sano’s other oddball products include a note block posing as a slice of cake—and another as a plate to eat if off.

Kakuzai Memo Block, ¥2,520. Available from design stores and Amazon Japan.