Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on February 2011

Courtesy of Entrex, Inc.

The appeal of multipurpose kitchenware doesn’t really become obvious until you’re trying to whip up dinner in a space no larger than the plate you plan to eat it off. Such was the thinking that led industrial designer Komin Yamada to create his original all-in-one cooking pot in 1978, answering all your warming, boiling and straining needs in a single compact package. After becoming the toast of the ’80s home cooking scene, the pot is back, freshly overhauled for a whole new generation of one-room apartment dwellers. The Copco Chois comes in four colored enamel versions or a pricier stainless steel one, all with the same easy-grip handle. Tasty.

Copco Chois cooking pot, ¥5,040 (enamel)/¥6,300 (stainless steel). Available from branches of Entre Square and via www.entresquare.com