Caroline Perrine: If you have any curiosity at all about a zombie/historical/fantastical drama, “Kingdom” is a must. Admittedly that doesn’t sound appealing. Upon watching the trailer I found myself drawn into the production, admiring what seemed like fantastic cinematography. Nonetheless, hopes were low… But boy, I ate this show up. Well-paced, fantastically balanced between political drama and horror, this is sure to excite you and ignite your passion for zombie shows. The only bad points were the occasional corny skits and the blatant “Westworld” knockoff opening clip, but the rest of the show makes these annoyances so very tolerable.

Paul McInnes: After a first, much-derided debut season, “Friends From College” returned to Netflix for a second season — which surprised most critics. The premise of the show isn’t particularly original. A group of friends from college (Harvard, of course) still hang out together in their middle age and their professional and love lives intermix with comedic and, occasionally, more serious results. Fronted by the ever-enchanting Fred Savage, “Friends From College” stepped up to the mark this season and hopefully there might even be a third season at one point.

Hannah Gruda-Skaff: What started out as an absent minded click with low expectations on the next suggested series on Netflix, turned into several days of binge watching as I delved into the high school lives of sexually frustrated British teenagers. As an adult in my early 30s, I have little interest in the lives of teenagers, which when portrayed on television, are usually whiny and unrealistically flawless. But Netflix’s “Sex Education” is a refreshingly realistic and comedic portrayal of the awkward teenage experience, which of course for all of us who have been there can certainly relate to on some level. Notable mention to the amazing retro soundtrack and beautiful scenery of rural England.