Streepz is the music project of actress Sah-Yah and pianist Emj. The duo formed during the pandemic and have since produced all of their work remotely between Tokyo and Boston. Their first and second singles “Soliloquy” and “Day Dreamy” both achieved domestic and international critical acclaim and, now, with their debut EP set for spring 2022, Streepz is premiering the music video for their third single “Kasumibare” via Metropolis

Having both spent time living in Japan and abroad, Sah-Yah and Emj aim to make their music accessible to both Japanese and international audiences and, as such, have produced both Japanese and English versions of their new track, as well as separate Japanese and English videos. The track is produced in collaboration with Boston-based producer monolog and was written by Emj in April 2021, with the English-language version of the track featuring Taiwanese singer Tim Liao. 

Both videos are produced and directed by John Harrison, a Boston-based award-winning film director, using 3D clay-style animation and contrasting colorization to distinguish the Japanese and English-language versions. Check out both videos below and keep an eye out for upcoming shows.

“Kasumibare” English Video


“Kasumibare” Japanese Video