The Giving Season

The Giving Season

Picking presents is easy with our can't miss gift guide.


Originally published on on December 2008



I-Dog ClipiDog
A portable version of the I-Dog robot, this device can be clipped onto a belt, transforming its wearer into a walking disco. This super woofer pumps out tunes from its built-in speaker while simultaneously putting on a groovy light display and wiggling its ears appreciatively to the beat. If you’re feeling a bit shy about strutting about with music blaring from your person, just plug in some headphones when you take it out for
a walk. ¥2,940 at Marui.



Humping Dog
Is this taking “sexy” technology too far? Slip this friendly fella into your USB slot and he will start passionately humping your hardware. The pervy pooch comes in various breeds and is guaranteed to raise a laugh from tipsy relatives after a boozy Christmas dinner. Be warned, though: like family tempers, this cheap and cheerful joke will probably wear thin when the Yuletide hangovers hit on Boxing Day. ¥998 at Marui or Tokyo Hands.



Ichigo Card Holder
If you’ve always thought strawberries tasted out of this world, now you can find out why: Ichigo Seijin is Japanese for “strawberry alien” and also the name of a limited-edition brand from Tokyo Made. The perfect fit for your Suica, this cute, handcrafted cardholder is printed on soft T-shirt fabric, with a quirky design depicting the friendly visitor from outer space. ¥900 from Tokyo Made (


My Cat Hates You
My Cat Hates You
Jim Edgar lifts the mask on your sweetly purring pussycat to see the monster lurking beneath. This collection of photos captures the feline species in all its glorious sneakiness, selfishness and general cattiness. A wake-up call to the cat owner who believes his kitty really loves him: the beast is just a freeloading fur ball and should be brought to justice! ¥1,869 at Tower Records.



Bura Bura Relax
The perfect gift for those who slave over a hot desk every day, this little tetrapod vibrates when you press the nub at its apex, providing much-needed release to tight shoulders or a stiff spine. It’ll also get you off the hook the next time you’re called upon to give your loved one a quick massage. ¥999 at Don Quijote (


For The Boys

Nanda Clocky
Just the thing for the boyfriend who can’t get out of bed. The Nanda Clocky was invented by MIT Media Lab student Gauri Nanda, who devised it as an ingenious way to budge the most stubborn sleeper from under the sheets. When you hit snooze, this gizmo whirs into action, rolling off your bedside table and along the floor to a far-flung corner of the room. The next time the alarm sounds, you’re forced to jump out from under the duvet and embark on a bracing wake-up walk across the frozen wastes of the bedroom. ¥8,400 at Marui.


Microslot Car
What do you get the man who secretly yearns to play with his nephew’s Scalextric but is too ashamed to admit it? Designed exclusively for adults, the Microslot Car will satisfy the child within while safeguarding the masculinity of the man without. The kit comes complete with cars and a two-lane track that can be placed on top of a desk to form your very own miniature Grand Prix: a grown-up boy’s toy par excellence. ¥7,350 at area toy stores.


Mark’s Schedule
He’ll go dotty for this stylish, wipe-clean 2009 schedule. With a range of color schemes to suit your man’s tastes, this diary comes in B5 size and has a nice heft to it. There are 224 pages inside, giving him plenty of space to plan his year. Point out that it wouldn’t hurt to start by penciling in your birthday so he’s got time to prepare. After all, when you bought him such a thoughtful Crimbo gift, it’s the least he can do! ¥1,195 at Tokyu Hands.


Bath Planetarium
Recreate the experience of an outdoor onsen in the privacy of your own home. Place this clever device on the side of your bathtub, switch off the lights and you’ll be treated to your own high-resolution display of the night sky. This gadget is, of course, splash-proof and battery-powered so you needn’t worry that the experience will get too electrifying. ¥3,990 at Loft.


She She T-shirt
These handmade T-shirts designed by Toronto-born, Tokyo-based Ieva Mezulis are an excellent gift idea for the stylish man about town. Mezulis’s designs are all bright, dramatic and geometric, utilizing knits and vintage fabric to create individual pieces of cutting-edge street wear. Her latest limited edition creations are hot off the sewing machine and selling fast. ¥4,500-¥7,000 at Serendipity Select Shop (


Grand Theft Auto IV, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, became the highest-grossing video game of all time when it sold 3.6 million copies—in just 24 hours. The most highly anticipated release of 2008 hit Japanese shelves last month, and makes for a perfect gift to enjoy in the great indoors this holiday season. ¥5,880 from Amazon Japan (