Kanazawa-based kaiten sushiya Kirari has opened in a new mall, OPA, near Hachioji Station. The seafood comes directly from Kanazawa and features local offerings like black throat, winter yellowtail and sweet shrimp. Put this on your radar for post-hiking as it’s only two stops from Mt. Takao.

Sake bar Chill Labo will open in Kichijoji around March 1. With 30 varieties or more on the sake list it also offers an all-you-can drink option.

Asahi Beverages is introducing label-less bottles of water, tea and probiotics. A start in the drive to use less plastic, but for the time being the bottles can only be sold by the case.

Ginza Katsukami elevates the tonkatsu teishoku (set meal/lunch) to a course menu. Different cuts of pork are breaded, deep fried and served hot out of the oil, like sitting at a tempura counter.

Roll Ice Cream Factory is an Instabae-friendly food trend, even in the middle of winter. Ice cream made-to-order that is rolled into spirals and garnished with toppings.

Meanwhile, Chicago pizza is also trending on Instagram but it’s not the authentic deep-dish kind but a fondue-esque, soupy cheese housed in a deep-dish crust. Find it at restaurants like Dining Bar Untitled.

Gyoza fans will want to check out Gyoza Hohei in Ginza. The Kyoto-based shop’s menu rounds out with potato salad, pickled cucumbers, soup and rice.

Meiji and Nissan have both announced price hikes for yogurt and instant ramen. On a positive note the government has said that it will import more butter to make up for dropping raw milk supplies.

Charcuterie aficionados will want to make reservations at Park Hyatt Tokyo’s Girandole for Gilles Vérot’s guest chef dinners from April 17 – 21. Maison Vérot has four shops in Paris and Vérot is collaborating with New York City’s Daniel Boulud with artisanal charcuterie shop Bar Boulud.   restaurants.tokyo.park.hyatt.co.jp