Tokyo Trends: Kitten Heels

Tokyo Trends: Kitten Heels

Tokyo’s beloved little heel


There’s no argument that the kitten heel is a central force in the ’90s and 2000s comeback, exuding both style and practicality. If you’re no stranger to fashion trends and the 90s, you’ve probably noticed that the low heel was momentarily set aside as the 2010s took over, along with other seemingly off-limit 90s trends such as peplum tops and platforms. But Tokyo has more or less kept the kitten heel in style, as it serves as a more comfortable alternative to the everyday work shoe. Apart from the glittering luxury brands that decorate Ginza, here are both affordable and high-end options to explore the chic tiny heel, or to add to your footwear wardrobe this summer

Cost-friendly Options

If you’re looking to start out with the coveted kitten heel in a more cost-friendly way, Zara’s Shiny Heeled Shoes in a nude color palette allows you to slip softly into the heel with a modestly refined appeal. A perfect addition to floral prints or a monochromatic outfit whispering quiet luxury, Zara’s Patent-Finish Heels also come in cream and black, with a simple bow detail topping off the heel for delicate aesthetics. 

ZARA JP Shiny Heeled Shoes ¥6,590 |  ZARA JP Patent-Finish Heeled Shoe with Bow ¥6,590 

An insider look into kitten heels can be accessed through Zozotown, a Japanese online shopping site. Some of its brands, such as R&E, can be found in the trend-centered department store Shibuya 109. Notably, a chrome silver kitten heel sporting a futuristic silhouette created by Uyu rides the popularity wave of both chrome silver and the low heel. Randa and Diana Shoes both offer up-to-trend footwear and embrace the kitten heel craze. The dazzling collaboration with Disney’s Cinderella reigns as the most darling kitten heel in Randa’s collection, while the bi-color slingback represents an elevated version of classic everyday shoes. 

Diana Shoes Bi-Color Slingback ¥16,500 | Randa Disney “Cinderella” Series ¥18,920 

Luxury brands

Now if you are heading into some of the more affluent districts dotted with high-end designer brands, some honorable mentions include Max Mara’s Raffia Slingback Heels, which bring together a relaxed summer aura, along with Dior’s J’Adior Slingbacks. These luxury kitten heels can be spotted at the respective brands’ locations, most prominently in designer shopping districts such as Ginza and Omotesando Hills. 

Max Mara Smooth Raffia-Effect Fabric Slingbacks ¥137,000 | Dior J’Adior Slingback Pumps ¥156,000