W feat. Sasha

W feat. Sasha

The prog-house giant renews his ties to Womb


Originally published on metropolis.co.jp on May 2012

A lot has changed in the EDM scene since Sasha & Digweed ruled the roost, but a quick look at Sasha’s tour dates—Singapore’s Zouk, New York’s Electric Zoo—shows the DJ still commands top billing (a recent article put his net worth at $95 million). At Womb the Welshman renews a relationship that dates back to a residency in the club’s early days and a visit last April at a time when artists were canceling Japan tours in the wake of Fukushima. Like so many veteran British DJs, Sasha’s career is sprinkled with the fairy dust of late 80s sets at Manchester’s Hacienda club. Following his extended 90s success with partner Digweed, Sasha faced a period of declining fortunes in the 00s for progressive house—with many declaring the era of the superstar DJ over. But a new generation is turning on to electronic music, and Sasha now finds himself a mentor to emerging producers—his Involver mix compilations for Global Underground provide a good taste of the blend of house, trance and breaks the DJ spins these days.

Womb, May 12 (listing).