We’re excited to welcome you to the next era of Metropolis magazine! Our fully redesigned website has evolved into a more dynamic experience with bigger, better visuals, thoroughly improved mobile connectivity and more content than ever.

The next phase of our evolution will offer revitalized interactivity. In particular, our events calendar is open for anyone to post, with the option to upload great pictures that capture your hard-planned event and bring it to life. We aspire to be your first stop for promotion, a hub where local indie acts and major promoters can rub elbows at the same table.

Metropolis is a place for everyone who calls Tokyo home—for the short term or the long run.

We’re going broader, too: we’re slowly expanding our coverage outside the city and further into the rest of Japan, and connecting with more of the world—without losing our ability to nose out the unique hole-in-the-wall hideouts hidden throughout the Kanto area.

Welcome to the next level.

We’re still putting up the finishing touches, but we’re very happy to have you look around.

—Metropolis Team, Sep 29, 2014