Rising Tokyo hip-hop artist Wez Atlas and Grammy-nominated producer starRo team up for a new visual for their collaboration track “Zuum!” Released today. The music video, directed by Ryota Ishizawa and Shunsuke Nakamura, portrays Wez Atlas as a young man chasing his aspiration of flying with the help of starRo Sensei. The electrifying starRo instrumental accompanies a confident and bilingual Wez Atlas rapping about rising above self-doubt and overcoming obstacles in both English and Japanese.

Wez Atlas is a hip-hop artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Switching between his two native languages English and Japanese, Atlas laments his everyday struggles over melodious hooks and potent lyrics. “Overthink” is a crowd favorite, for its relatable one-liners about the complexities of the mind. The song is a part of his first mini-album “Chicken Soup For One,” released in July 2021.