Your Irish Pub in Kyoto

Your Irish Pub in Kyoto

Taking the sentiment "where everybody knows your name" to the next level


Your Irish Pub in Kyoto takes the winning formula of beer and chips and adds a personal touch. Opening in Japan’s old capital on Friday July 9th, Your Irish Pub does exactly what it says on the tin. Customers have the chance to put their name up on the wall and claim a small piece of the bar as their own.

Your Irish Pub Kyoto Bar

To have the honor of seeing your name on the billboard, you ring a traditional temple bell inside the bar and proceed to buy everyone in the pub a round of shots. The owner, Hal Suzuki, hopes to provides tourists in Kyoto an easy alternative to the traditional fare they’ll find in the city, like sake and sushi, by offering Western-style pub dishes such as fish and chips, hamburgers and curry, alongside a wide selection of beer.

The pub’s motto is “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere,” which captures the overall atmosphere of the pub —alcohol and fun at all times of day, whether you’re from Kyoto or Dublin. The staff is diverse with international faces from all over the globe, including France, Belgium, Australia, England and China. Suzuki also comes from an international background, having lived in Australia and Singapore while opening an advertising and design agency before his pub days. He is still the CEO of Planet Ads and Design. Now living in Japan with his daughter, Hal has opened up Your Irish Pub in Kyoto with the desire to appeal to customers with the fun concept of name roll on the bar’s exterior billboard, creating a sense of togetherness and community within the bar itself.

The pub also features a balcony with a view of the Kyoto Imperial Palace and a stage for live music performances. Whether you’re looking for western food, great beer or your own name on a billboard, Your Irish Pub in Kyoto is a bar not to miss if you’re ever in the city.

414 Horimatucho, Sawaragi Cho Agaru, Karasuma Dori, Kamigyou Ku,
602-8021 Kyoto, Japan. Tel: 070-4345-7720