Discovering Mr.LAND

Discovering Mr.LAND

Pioneering real estate and beyond


Amidst the busy streets of Marunouchi is a real estate company that has not only carved its mark in the local property market but has also ventured into uncharted territories, both locally and internationally. Meet Mr.LAND, a Japanese real estate firm that operates in real estate, global business and even agriculture. With a trailblazing spirit, they are ready to commit to creating seamless customer satisfaction across all sectors.

Having a solid presence in the real estate realm, Mr.LAND has been delivering exceptional services for a span of 36 years. With the philosophy that every buyer is unique, the team has a meticulous attention to detail seen in a wide range of specialized services. From local market expertise, language support, vendor referral, assistance with legal and financial matters, Mr.LAND has all elements covered.

For clients abroad, Mr.LAND extends an extra level of care and understanding, fully acknowledging the extensive and culturally complex nature of real estate transactions in Japan. They are committed to bridging the gap and ensuring that overseas buyers feel supported and welcomed throughout the process.

A Global Division team member shares an example of when they assisted a client purchasing a property in Japan despite the COVID-19 travel restrictions at the time. “We spent a lot of time and effort explaining the property, sending him photos and videos, and even conducted a virtual tour to and from the property so he could get a feel for the neighborhood. For clients abroad who can’t see the property they are going to buy, it is a big challenge and risk—but we do everything in our power to alleviate their worries, explain the risks, give our candid opinions and go the extra mile to provide whatever support they need to help them make a decision.”

While many businesses may hesitate to tackle the international market, CEO Ryo Natsuka leverages his experience of purchasing real estate in Los Angeles, California, to kickstart sake bar MUSO STYLE, run by the company’s subsidiary Mr. LA Trading. Embracing the essence of muso, meaning unmatched, this venture aims to showcase Japanese culture to the American audience through sake. MUSO STYLE offers a variety of sake selections from Japan, including options exclusively available in the United States. Natsuka is planning to open five more MUSO STYLE branches before the upcoming 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

Finally, the latest and perhaps unexpected venture: agriculture. While it isn’t uncommon to see those in the Japanese real estate industry open businesses like ramen shops or bars, Natsuka shares a deeper insight. “Real estate relies heavily on land, and without land, it wouldn’t exist. Considering Japan’s future challenges in the agriculture sector, we felt this would be a good way to give back to society while making a positive impact.”

Natsuka understands the tough and demanding nature of agriculture. As a corporate entity delving into a new realm, it faced rejections and needed time to learn about agricultural practices and establish partnerships. It was all worth it when the venture saw success and expanded into a physical shop, Gonna Days, located in Ogikubo. The naturally grown vegetables are cultivated with the utmost care and are available in-store or online. However, even amidst success, Natsuka expresses some ongoing difficulties. “It has been challenging to build trust with local farmers, not having enough sales, and competing with regular consumer prices and challenging farming norms. That’s our real challenge, to provide great products while expanding the awareness of their value nationwide.” 

This journey into diverse domains has certainly kept the Mr.LAND team busy, but they are fueled by dedication, innovation, and a profound connection to clients and communities. “I believe that there will be changes as we proceed with these ventures,” says Natsuka, “but if we see these changes as opportunities, we can adapt to them as long as we stay flexible.One thing that must not change is our commitment to serving our clients. Whether it’s assisting in purchasing a property in Japan, providing the Japanese sake experience in the U.S., or cultivating quality vegetables, Mr.LAND’s unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction shines through.”


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